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EVGA Teases X570 Dark Motherboard For AMD Ryzen CPUs

EVGA X570 Dark (Image credit: Vince Lucido/Facebook)

EVGA previously hinted that it would produce the brand's first motherboard with an AMD chipset. Today, Vince "K|NGP|N" Lucido has shared a photograph of the X570 Dark motherboard on his personal Facebook account.

By the looks of the motherboard, the X570 Dark should conform to the standard ATX form factor. Since we only get to see the backside of the motherboard, much of its specifications remain a mystery. The soldering points reveal that the X570 Dark should arrive with a very potent power delivery subsystem. The exact amount of power phases is unknown, but it would appear to feature at least a 16-phase design. The 24-pin power connector and twin 8-pin EPS connectors are situated on the motherboard's right side.

Judging by the layout, the X570 Dark may only arrive with only two DDR4 memory slots. It's very likely that the memory slots are located above the AM4 socket. There are also two PCIe x16 expansion slots with a considerable amount of space between them. The design will allow the motherboard to house huge graphics cards, which can sometimes span up to three PCI slots. A conventional PCIe x4 expansion slot is also present.

The X570 Dark's M.2 slots are probably located between the two PCIe x16 expansion slots. So there should be enough space for at least two M.2 slots, although we don't know for now if there is a third M.2 slot in another location on the motherboard. We also spotted what seems to be eight SATA III connectors.

Given today's teaser, it shouldn't be long before EVGA launches the X570 Dark motherboard. Of course, no one knows the pricing yet, but EVGA's Dark series has always offered premium features, so the motherboard will conceivably carry a premium price tag.