More Details Emerge On 'Fallout 4' Nuka-World' DLC

With Nuka-World, the final piece of downloadable content (DLC), arriving tomorrow, Bethesda revealed more details about what to expect in the soda-themed amusement park. As the new Raider Overboss, you’ll get to tour the different areas of the park, meet the factions, and experiment with new items.

The park is split into six different areas. The main area, called Nuka-Town, U.S.A., is also considered to be the main hub of the Raiders. From there, you can easily access the other five sections of the park. There’s the Kiddie Kingdom, the family-friendly zone which turned into a horrific nightmare after the nuclear bombs fell, and the Safari Adventure, a small zoo within the park. Obviously, its animal occupants all mutated so they’re more terrifying than before.

For more of a Wild West theme, you can check out Dry Rock Gulch, but if you want to see Nuka-Cola’s idea of the future, there’s the Galactic Zone, which is full of robots. If you want to get a behind the scenes look at how the popular drink is created and bottled, you can make your way to the World of Refreshment.

Play The Raider Game

When you first enter the Nuka-Town sector, you’ll get acquainted with the three Raider gangs fighting for supremacy in the park. There’s The Pack, the comedic group that trains animals for combat. The Operators are considered to be the elite group of the three gangs; their members wear stylish armor and like to strike from the shadows. On the opposite spectrum of both groups are the Disciples. Unlike the Operators or The Pack, the Disciples are crazed Raiders who wear masks and murder anyone in sight.

After you meet the three factions, you start the process of taking back the other sections of the park and give each area to one of the three groups. Each assigned area will have an effect on your relationship with each of the three gangs.

However, your Raider skills aren’t limited to Nuka-World. As Overboss, you can gather your own Raider party and take settlements throughout the Commonwealth. You can either play the role of a typical villain and kill everyone in a settlement to claim it as your own, or you can peacefully negotiate with the current settlers to hand over their land to you.

New Place, New Weapons

Along with a set of Raider-themed guns, you can find some Nuka-Cola based weapons to try out on your foes. When the trailer for the DLC came out, we saw a modified ping-pong paddle that electrified enemies. However, you can also reconfigure the so-called “Paddleball” so that it has spikes or fire. You can even weaponize Nuka-Cola with the Paddleball to create a nitroglycerin-like bomb. You can also use the soda with the new Thirst Zapper to shoot small blobs of Nuka-Cola, or you can opt for the Acid Soaker, which releases a corrosive liquid that slowly damages enemies.

The Last Ride

The release of Nuka-World signifies Bethesda’s final work on Fallout 4 content. Since the game’s release last November, the studio released a total of six batches of DLC in less than a year. However, the developers aren’t completely done with Fallout 4 just yet. At E3, the company announced that it’s working on a full VR version of Fallout 4. It didn’t provide an exact release date, but it said that the VR variant will be available “within the next 12 months.”

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Release DateNovember 10, 2015August 30, 2016
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  • tacobravo
    Aug 30? I've played some yesterday! I finished the gauntlet and became the boss (that's how far i got)
  • Kimonajane
    Went back to Fallout 3, fast load times and no settlements to babysit. Fallout 3 is fun to stealth lure one monster, lets say a death-claw toward you so it sees Enclave encampment or raiders and goes off on them. Fallout 4 Stealthboy are nerfed compared to 3.
    Yup 3 was/is more fun