PC Makers Announce Fermi Gaming Machines

CyberPower was first out the gate with an announcement. CyberPower's Black Pearl, Black Mamba Fang Series and Gamer Xtreme 3D lines will all carry options for Fermi. Coupled with Intel's six core Core i7 CPUs, it makes for a hefty machine.


Not too long after CyberPower's announcement hit the Web, similar announcements from other companies began to do the rounds. Origin PC announced options for a GTX 470 or GTX 480 on the Genesis desktop late on Friday. Similar to CyberPower, there's also an option for Intel's Core i7-980X.

Origin PC

Maingear is getting in on the action too, and wants us to "party like it's 2099" with its SHIFT desktop boasting an option for a triple configuration that carries a price tag of more than $6,000. Party indeed, Maingear.


Digital Storm is spicing up its Black|OPS gaming machine with Fermi too. According to the release, the Enthusiast model packs Intel's Core i7-930 and a GTX 480, and starts at $2,891. The Extreme model boasts an i7-980X and dual SLI GTX 480s; this starts at just over $5,000.

Digital Storm

Don't forget to check out our Fermi review!

*Press releases via Hot Hardware

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  • lvlouro
    And I thought the hype was over...
    I don't remember seeing all these news for ATI 5xxx
    I really think this one was uncalled for, it was expected...
    What next an article saying that stores will actually sell it!!!
    Of course they will
  • cryogenic
    Ridiculous power draw, (nVidia please fix this) otherwise it's a nice card with nice features.
  • icemunk
    rip offs.. wait a couple days and get a 6 core AMD, with an ATI card for $1000 that'll keep up with those $3000 fermi boxes
  • Other Comments
  • Ehsan w
    "dual SLI GTX 480s" so that's 4 gpu's right?
    And.....cyberpower is always the first....always xD
  • cryogenic
    Ridiculous power draw, (nVidia please fix this) otherwise it's a nice card with nice features.
  • restatement3dofted
    Got to love that CyberPower had a press release ready to go the moment nVidia's presentation was over stating that they'd have Fermi-equipped PCs for sale - as if there was some fear that these custom shops would be boycotting this new line of GPUs.

    If you're building a machine on CyberPowerPC, and want to add a second GPU to a configuration, they'll charge you as much as $899 to put in an HD 5970. Can't wait to see what their price for a GTX 480 will jump to once the cards go on sale, and people have to deal with the reality of the short supply.