Microsoft Flight: The Return of Flight Simulator?

Flight simulations just aren't selling anymore. Maybe that's because no one is making them, or is it that no one is buying them? Is it like the question of the chicken or egg? (Scientists now say that the chicken came first.)

Either way, Microsoft is plotting to release another flying game, but this one won't have the long title of "Microsoft Flight Simulator," instead simplify things with just "Microsoft Flight."

We don't know if it'll be a hardcore or casual affair yet, but hang on to those flight sticks and throttles!

Twenty-eight years after the debut of "Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0," Microsoft Game Studios also announced the internal development of "Microsoft Flight," a new Windows exclusive. "Microsoft Flight" will bring a new perspective to the long-standing genre, welcoming everyone, including long-time fans, to experience the magic of flight. A teaser of the future of Flight on the Windows-based PC is available at

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • huron
    I always wondered what happened to flight simulators...I love FPS as much as the next person, but there were some great simulator games - still would love to see a remake of X-Wing or TIE fighter with similar/same gameplay, but better graphics.
  • irh_1974
    MS Flight Sim 911

    No need to practice landings...
  • chickenhoagie
    hey, they make it with the upmost superb graphics and im sure that plenty of people will buy it. (just as long as the graphics can be toned down for lower end gfx cards as well)
  • welshmousepk
    I'v never actually tried a flight sim. they seem far too mundane and to require a lot of time. perhaps i may take a chance with this new one though, if its a good reboot.

    i would much prefer an tie fighter remake though. i prefer flying games when i can shoot at stuff....
  • adikos
    i remember playing the original MS Flight Simulator on an old black and white tandy. back then it was cooler than sliced bread, iirc since it was black and white it was hard to know what terrain you were under so that when you did crash land it would either say 'crashed', or 'splashed' depending on if you crashed into land or water.

    eitherway ive never been much of a flight sim guy, one of my old buds has a pilots license and he loves the game since he doesnt get a chance to go up anymore. so im glad they are keeping the title alive, im sure there is a niche market for it, just not a huge niche.
  • skykaptain
    Where's my combat flight sim? I want to have my dogfights with P-51's with FSX graphics, or even better, make it with F-22's instead.
  • cmartin011
    how about a fighters anthology remake??? please i would die to be able to bring a game that caliber to come out i would so buy it for me and my son!
  • COLGeek
    My father-in-law is in a holding pattern in anticipation of the release. As a former pilot who can no longer afford (nor is healthy enough) to fly, he gets incredible pleasure from the previous FS programs. Every time we visit,he "flys" me to a different airport he used to fly to. Good on MS (I am not their biggest fan) for bringing flight back to the masses.
  • irh_1974
    Great idea for a flight sim, link it to Google Maps to get a true representation of the world. Fly a 747 over your own house.
  • moomooman
    I think there is a big market for this, when I supported flight sim I was dealing with everyone from kids to airline pilots, regular joes to retired pilots.

    I was talking to WW2 pilots (particularly with the combat FS) who could talk about what they got right or wrong about flight models and behaviour of ww2 aircraft, right down to ground handling with force feedback enabled.

    Pretty amazing talking to a guy about his experiences flying a Spitfire in the battle of britain.