Free 'Dying Light' DLC Expands Your Zombie-Killing Arsenal

This past summer Techland announced that it would release 10 batches of free downloadable content (DLC) for its first-person zombie title Dying Light. Another drop of that content is available today, and it comes with powerful weapons to use against the undead.

The “Lethal Inventions” pack introduces two melee weapons and a firearm, all of which must be unlocked by completing bounties, or challenges. One of those melee weapons is the powerful Fenris axe, which gets bonus damage after slicing off an enemy’s limb. The studio said this property makes the axe useful in situations where a larger, tougher enemy is accompanied by the standard, weaker zombies.

If you prefer to be quick on your feet, you can use the Kuai Dagger. The jade blade is light, which allows you to make rapid melee attacks on unsuspecting foes. However, the weapon’s bonus is skewed towards your movement ability. You'll get a speed boost if you can string together multiple parkour moves, such as vaulting over obstacles or sliding through tight spaces, with the dagger equipped. The increase in movement speed is great for sneaking up on enemies, and it’s also useful at night when zombies try to kill you in the dark.

Those who like precision firearms can work to unlock the Last Wish revolver. You can inflict additional damage with each consecutive headshot. If you manage to chain five headshots in a row, you’ll get a “massive 6th shot” that deals enough damage to potentially stop a massive zombie or clear out a small group of weaker enemies with its blast radius.

“Lethal Inventions” is the second piece of free DLC in Techland’s 10-In-12 plan, through which the studio wants to release 10 DLC packs over the course of a year. The first drop arrived in July, and it included tougher human enemies who used heavy armor and powerful rifles, as well as a new mutated zombie. It was initially exclusive to PC players, but it’s now also available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners.

Techland didn’t mention when the third DLC drop is coming, but its brief description about the content plan tells us that future content packs could include new locations, gameplay mechanics, and story quests. Each pack might also include the usual list of improvements and tweaks to existing features.

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