A New VR Locomotion Method For ‘Front Defense: Heroes’: V-Move

HTC and Fantahorn Studios released Front Defense: Heroes, a first-person, multiplayer WWII shooter for the HTC Vive that builds on the foundation of the first Front Defense title with 5v5 team-based competitive multiplayer action--as well as a new locomotion system.

In a competitive multiplayer shooter like this one, where you can move around freely within a map, a traditional teleport locomotion method wouldn’t work well. Fantahorn could have adopted the smooth locomotion method featured in another first-person, team-based VR FPS title called Onward, or it could have used the Arm Swinger locomotion system found in Vindicta. However, the developer instead created a custom solution that it called V-Move.

The V-Move locomotion method is an adaptation of a teleportation mechanic with a unique twist. Instead of aiming a reticle at the ground where you wish to move, V-Move works like you’re having an out-of-body experience. You drive a third-person avatar to where you wish to go and then transition back to the first-person perspective.

To initiate the V-Move system, press the trackpad on your non-dominant hand. You should see your avatar split away from your body and move in front of you. Your avatar will keep moving as long as you’re pressing the trackpad.

The V-Move locomotion system isn’t completely new. From Other Suns features a similar teleportation method, but in that game when you teleport, you see a silhouette of your avatar moving to where you point on the ground. Unlike the system in From Other Suns, V-Move doesn’t let you cancel your movement. You will end up wherever your avatar moves.

When you move with the V-Move locomotion system, your avatar is still vulnerable to attacks. If your avatar takes a hit while you’re moving around, that counts damage taken. While you’re using the V-Move system, you can direct your avatar to do maneuvers that would be difficult or cumbersome to perform in a VR headset, such as jump or crawl. You can also steer your character by tilting your controller in the direction that you wish to move. We’ve yet to give V-Move a try, but Fantahorn’s description makes us believe that it could be one of the superior locomotion solutions for VR.

Fantahorn’s Front Defense: Heroes is available now on Steam and Viveport. For a limited time, you can pick up the new title for $4.99. You can also get a bundle package that contains Front Defense and Front Defense: Heroes for $9.99. Fantahorn is also offering a free copy of Front Defense: Heroes to anyone who already owns the first title.   

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.