G.Skill's New Crystal-Lined, Gold and Silver RGB RAM Is Fit for a King

(Image credit: G.Skill)

G.Skill is rolling out the red carpet for its new Trident Z Royal RGB memory kits announced today and arriving in December. The new DDR4 memory kits are available with speeds up to a whopping 4,600MHz and capacities up to 128GB.

One thing's for sure, G.Skill has gone a long way to put a lot of bling into the Trident Z Royal RGB memory kits. The modules feature what the memory manufacturer refers to as a crown jewel design. Although they retain the classic Trident Z tri-fin look, the Trident Z Royal modules come with a polished aluminum heat spreader dipped in gold or silver color. G.Skill even includes a piece of microfiber cloth to keep your memory sticks in pristine condition.

(Image credit: G.Skill)

G.Skill has also upgraded the RGB lighting on the Trident Z Royal modules. They represent the first time the company's using its patent-pending crystalline light bar. The full-length light bar has eight different lighting zones that can be controlled individually. According to the memory manufacturer, this new design helps smooth color transitions and provide an even more spectacular light show for your system. G.Skill has also released new software to control the lighting, which consumers can download from the company's website.

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FrequencyCL TimingVoltageKit Capacity
300016-18-18-381.35V8GB x 2 / 8GB x 4 / 16GB x 2 / 16GB x 4
320014-14-14-3416-18-18-381.35V8GB x 2 / 8GB x 4 / 8GB x 8 / 16GB x 2 / 16GB x 4 / 16GB x 8
360016-16-16-3619-20-20-401.35V8GB x 2 / 8GB x 4
400017-17-17-3719-19-19-391.35V8GB x 2 / 8GB x 416GB x 2
426619-19-19-391.40V8GB x 2
440018-19-19-3918-22-22-421.40V1.50V8GB x 28GB x 4
460018-22-22-421.45V8GB x 2

In terms of technical specifications, the Trident Z Royal modules employ a fresh custom PCB to house the increased number of lighting zones. The kits come in dual-channel and quad-channel presentations. They are available in speeds from 3,000MHz up to 4,600MHz and capacities of 16GB to 128GB and are equipped with Intel's latest XMP 2.0 profiles for easy setup.

G.Skill didn't reveal the pricing for its Trident Z Royal series memory kits. However, they will be available worldwide via official G.Skill distribution partners in December 2018.

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