Gigabyte Launches Eight New Zen 2 Based BRIX PCs

(Image credit: Gigabyte)

Gigabyte is on a roll this quarter with another batch of AMD-powered BRIX units coming to market soon. There are eight units in all, called the GB-BRR7H-4800, GB-BRR7H-4700, GB-BRR5H-4500, GB-BRR3H-4300, GB-BRR7-4800, GB-BRR7-4700, GB-BRR5-4500, and finally the GB-BRR3-4300. All eight of these mini PCs are powered by AMD's Zen 2 based Ryzen 4000 series mobile processors.

The eight Renoir based BRIX units are split into two lineups, with four models per lineup. There are four compact variants and four taller models (identified by an H in their SKU) that are a bit larger and feature more connectivity. Each lineup gets four CPU choices, the base models start with a Ryzen 3 4300U quad-core, for the mid-range SKU you get a Ryzen 5 4500U hexa core or you can choose a Ryzen 7 4700U Octo-core chip, and finally the top trim BRIX is equipped with a Ryzen 7 4800U with eight cores and 16 threads.

For connectivity, you get five USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C ports that also serve as display outputs, a 2.5G ethernet port, an HDMI port, and Mini DisplayPort. All of these ports feature on every model in the range. The only exception is with the taller BRIX SKUs which allow you to install a GC-BRCML-DLC add-in card which adds another Ethernet port and a COM port. This is a great feature if you need to run IoT workloads on your unit.

Regarding the internals of the device, each BRIX unit features two SO-DIMM DDR4 slots that support 3200MHz memory with storage capacities of up to 64GB (32GB per DIMM). For storage, you get a single PCIe Gen 3 M.2 slot on both the compact and tall BRIX SKUs. If you opt for the taller models, you can install a 2.5" SATA 3 HDD or SSD as well. For wireless, all models feature Intel's latest WiFi6 AX201 card with WiFi 6 capabilities.

It's really interesting to see Gigabyte using AMD's latest processors in the new BRIX lineup. The performance capabilities of Renoir are spectacular and outperform Intel's latest mobile processors in almost every way shape, and form. On top of that, you get a decently powerful Vega IGP that can handle some light gaming as well. Unfortunately, we don't know when these units will hit store shelves, but hopefully, they will be stocked in time for Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season.

Aaron Klotz
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  • HideOut
    So why does NO ONE offer something like this with the 6core/12thread chips? 4600 I think it is.
  • Isner79
    I find it interesting that Gigabyte "launched" these computers with NO release date.