Gigabyte Holding GeForce Overclocking Contest

Think that you're a super overclocker of GPUs? Now is your chance to prove it and win some cash or free hardware.

Gigabyte will be holding an overclocking competition that starts October 1 and runs to the end of 2009.

The contest will run for three rounds, with each round having its own unique theme. In October, enthusiasts will compete their overclocking using a GeForce GTX260. In November, it'll be a GeForce GTX275. In December, it'll be two GTX275s in SLI.

Contestants will compete based on 3DMark Vantage P scores as well as Resident Evil 5 numbers. Gigabyte will also be doing some overclocking of its own in-house to see what sort of numbers an OEM can achieve.

The champion of each round will receive US$1,500 cash. Second prize is a Gigabyte GTX295 graphics card and the third place winning will receive a Gigabyte Ultra Durable VGA GTX285. As an added bonus, any contestant that beats the benchmark set by the Gigabyte team will double his/her prize.

Even if you're not a super overclocker, there's a chance for all entrants. All entries into the contest will be eligible to win the GM-M8000 gaming mouse.

Check out Gigabyte's contest page for the full details – and if you win, be sure to let everyone know that Tom's Hardware sent you. Good luck!

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  • bh2o
    Darn, this requires me to upgrade my 2 8800 GS's just so I can enter this contest :(.
  • BallistaMan
    Yeah I'm still running off of a pair of 8800GTS 640s (albeit with respectable clocks of 675/2052), and with the 300s coming soon and the 5000s out, can't say I'm inclined to upgrade to a 200 now.
  • frozenlead
    It'd be cool to see if someone comes up with an LN2 cooler for the cards.