Gigabyte Teases LED-Lit X99-UD4 Motherboard

Yes, motherboard manufacturers, keep teasing, and keep reminding us of the week we have left to wait. Okay, maybe it's not so bad -- we love seeing all of the new X99 goodness, and today we get to see Gigabyte's X99-UD4. So far, we've seen the company's X99 Gaming G1 WiFi, along with the X99-SOC.

Unlike the other motherboards revealed thus far, Gigabyte has made it more difficult to make out the details with the X99-UD4. Of course, we know that it is a UD-series board, so there will be a lot that we can say about it based on just that. However, note that we suspect that this photo doctoring wasn't done to hide certain features, but rather to draw your attention to the LED lighting on the board and the heatsinks.

Usually, the Ultra Durable 4 line is the company's no-frills (but high-quality) motherboards that come with little more than all the standard features we expect from a platform. This includes a glass fabric PCB, a 2x Copper design and more than adequate VRM circuitry and heatsinks.

On this motherboard, we can clearly see eight DDR4 memory slots for quad-channel memory, along with four evenly spaced-out PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots. Between these slots there are PCI-Express 1x slots, as well as a single 10 Gb/s M.2 slot. SATA connectivity is handled by ten SATA3 (6 Gb/s) ports, two of which can be sacrificed to make a single SATA-Express interface.

Looking at the rear I/O does not reveal much except that at the bottom there appears to be some sort of bracket. It looks like a mount for a wireless antenna, so we can assume that the motherboard will come with some sort of wireless connectivity, presumably 802.11 ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. Gigabyte also placed dedicated audio hardware on the motherboard, so you will not need an expensive sound card to get decent audio.

That's all for now, really. We will hopefully know more on August 29, when we expect the entire platform to make a retail launch.

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  • jossrik
    I remember years ago they had a contest to suggest motherboard options, and some one suggested LEDs. I thought it was a good idea then, and I think it's a good idea now.
  • lp231
    I wrote in another thread asking for LED heatsink and LED ram slots that changes colors via software or bios so it can match the components. Maybe I'm asking too much? lol
    That Gigabyte board is best pair up with this ram
  • whiteodian
    Green please. Something like the Sniper series.