[Sponsored] Win An OCZ Vector 180 SSD On The Tom's Hardware Facebook Page!

Is your build getting a little slow? Time to replace that aging hard disk drive with a brand new SSD!

We have a brand new giveaway just for Tom's Hardware readers with prizes courtesy of OCZ! Want to win a new SSD? Read on!

In this sweepstakes, you can win one of six Vector 180 series SSDs. The Vector 180 series is built for hardcore gaming and data-intensive applications. It features power failure management to protect your data and bandwidth speeds up to 550 MB/s.
Prize List:

Two (2) OCZ Vector 180, 240 GB, valued at $123 each
Two (2) OCZ Vector 180, 480 GB, valued at $199 each
Two (2) OCZ Vector 180, 960 GB, valued at $379 each

The contest will run from 12am November 10 until 11:59pm November 24 (times in EST). This contest is open only to residents of the 50 United States. No purchase necessary.

To enter the sweepstakes, go to our Facebook page and follow the instructions to enter! We're using Rafflecopter, which will give you multiple ways to enter our random drawing!

Good luck!

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  • brandonclone1
    Spiceworks has tons of contests, would be cool to see tom's hardware make this a frequent thing
  • mapesdhs
    Pity it's only for those in the US.

    Just tested the 480GB model, gives decent numbers for AS-SSD:


    Seq.: 514.47 MB/s
    4K: 27.43 MB/s
    4K-64Thrd: 357.48 MB/s
    Acc.time: 0.048ms
    Score: 436


    Seq.: 494.34 MB/s
    4K: 77.52 MB/s
    4K-64Thrd: 304.83 MB/s
    Acc.time: 0.040ms
    Score: 432

    Overall Score: 1099

    Tested using CDM, HDTachRW and ATTO aswell; these and the same tests for various other models available here. Not far off an 850 Pro, which scored 1167. Data for 850 EVO 250GB/500GB now included.


  • Chooby56
    I am starting my own consulting business to make some extra cash and currently use a 2009 MacBook Pro. This would be a great way to get keep my laptop current and reliable for the new venture.
  • CRITICALThinker
    Darn, I was really hoping for an international gibway. Been aching for an SSD for over a year now, and I have to replace my 1TB HDD soon anyway. :'( I really do not want to buy any parts for this thing right now.
  • 3ogdy
    Emm...no, thanks? An OCZ should never be offered as a gift. Not as long as you care about the ones you offer the gift to.
  • mapesdhs
    3ogdy, enough with the FUD already, that stuff stopped being relevant years ago, related as it was to SF-based products (later tech like the Vertex4 was way better) and a management setup which no longer exists. And are you unaware of the 5x Arc 100 test-to-destruction challenge on kitguru? For a model that has a 22TB warranty, the first of the five units failed after more than 14x as much as the warranty limit had been written, while the final unit failed after a whopping 695TB had been written, more than 31x the warranty limit, staggeringly beyond its rated lifespan.

    Recently I asked OCZ if they could do an RMA for an original 512GB Vector which I won on eBay as a used item (I was honest) and had been in use for about a year since then in a pro system I built for someone (heavy use as an AE cache), but alas it failed in August. They did an RMA without hesitation, hence why I had a Vector 180 480GB to test. You think other vendors would RMA a disclosed-as-used older model in this way? I highly doubt it, especially not Samsung.

    Irony being though, for someone like Chooby56, I'd still recommend the 850 Pro instead (it's cheaper), but I'd be happy to use a Vector 180 if a bargain came my way. As it is, I bagged a stack of Arc 100 120GB units for a good price over the summer, ideal for use in pro systems as a dedicated Windows paging file drive.

    OCZ's problem atm is simply pricing. The Arc 100 isn't competitve with the 850 EVO, while the Vector 180 isn't competitive with the 850 Pro. Hence why my most recent new SSD purchases were two 850 EVO 500GB units for digital camera data storage/backup, and a 250GB 850 EVO for a PC I'm building (117/63 UKP resp. on Amazon), but the pricing issue vs. the 850 EVO/Pro affects the attractiveness of all the other vendors, not just OCZ.


  • shrapnel_indie
    Consider it done. Would be nice to win any of them, especially a 480GB or 960GB model. It'll save some money on a build I'm doing. I hope the odds are in my favor with this.
  • Chris_31
    Awesome to allow us all the chance to win a nice ssd. I would love one of these to replace my puny 60gb sad which is now getting old. Thanks tomshardware
  • grayhoose
    wow, thx guys, shipping in reply to email.
  • Chris_31
    So when will they announce winners?