HD DVD Fire Sales Accelerating

Richmond (CA) - Standalone HD DVD players as low as $80 and free movie offers are just the beginning of what will be a massive clearing out of stock of the failed format over the next several weeks.

Circuit City is the first major retailer to cut prices on HD DVD hardware and software. Toshiba's HD-A30 is now available for just under $130, a $70 cut from what its price was two months ago.

Additionally, through the end of the week the chain is running a promotion for buy three HD DVDs, get two free.

"We are in clearance mode, and we expect to go through the remaining inventory in the next few weeks," said Circuit City spokesperson Jim Babb in a Video Business article.

Online retailers are also pushing prices down to record lows. Tiger Direct is now offering the low-end HD-A3 player for around $80. Overstock has marked down the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on to just $35.

Best Buy has not yet marked down prices on its titles, but it no longer has an "HD DVD player" section on its website. It is still selling the players, however they are listed as "DVD upconvert with HD DVD playback."

"The end of the format conflict will mean people can invest with a lot more confidence in gear that they know will be useful for years to come," said Babb.