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HoloLens is Putting Teams In Each Other's Offices

An update to Microsoft Teams that works with HoloLens 2 will put virtual workers in each other's offices.

In a demo at the Build 2019 developers conference in Seattle, the company showed off two workers in HoloLenses putting together a project. They could access files from Teams and even annotate 3D models with HoloLens' hand-trackings. A third worker was able to call in from a PC using a webcam, and appeared on the wall.

Yet another participant was able to use a phone to see what everyone is seeing on a HoloLens as an AR Camera. It works with ARCore and ARKit and Azure Spatial Anchor. That means even if some people don't have a HoloLens, they can still participate.

There's also a hand-dock to open up apps with a flick of a finger. The demo mixed Azure, HoloLens, Microsoft 365, and more.