Viveport Subscription Expands With MakeVR, VR Home, Other Apps

HTC announced that its Viveport Subscription offering has expanded to include MakeVR, VR Home, and several VR games, among other things.

The Viveport Subscription debuted in April with the goal of letting you experience VR utilities and games without breaking the bank. With it, you can pay $7 per month for access to five apps, with the option to keep using the same apps from month to month or to swap them out when something else piques your interest. Signing up for the service is much cheaper than purchasing all of these apps outright from Viveport or Steam VR.

May's additions to the Viveport Subscription are divided into four categories: explore worlds, create things, experience stories, and connect with friends. Here's the full list of new VR experiences heading to your Viveport Subscription this month:

Great Pyramid VRSpacetours VRFrontier VRMakeVRVR HomeSolitaire VRMoriarty: Endgame VRArcade SagaOuijaVRAlcatraz: VR Escape Room

You might recognize Arcade Saga from last month's Vive Day celebration of the Vive HMD's one-year anniversary, when HTC gave away free copies of the game to anyone who owned the headset. If you missed out on that promotion--maybe because you waited for one of the new Vive bundles to buy into VR--you can now enjoy the first game developed by the Vive Studios division formed in December 2016 without buying it at full price.

Besides the new VR apps heading to the Viveport Subscription today, HTC also recently updated its Viveport SDK to allow developers to add achievements, leaderboards, and in-app purchases to their products. On the less-happy side of things, the company also delayed pre-orders for the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, which takes some inspiration from the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, from May 2 to June 6.

Nathaniel Mott
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