Humble Bundle Hosts THQ in Gaming Deal of the Year

Though the Humble Bundle is known for packaging together great indie games to sell, it's doing something a little bit different this time. This time, Humble Bundle collaborated with struggling publisher THQ to put together a bundle of THQ's best-known intellectual properties.

The THQ bundle is packed with goodies, including 4A Games's hopelessly bleak Metro: 2033 and the post-apocalyptic, hack 'n slash Darksiders. Red Faction: Armageddon and the Company of Heroes lineup are included as well.

Saint's Row 3, THQ's satirical, Grand Theft Auto-esque sandbox game is the main draw to the package and is added as a bonus to buyers who decide to pay above the average. (At the time of this writing, the minimum sits just below the $6 threshold.)

The game soundtracks for all of these titles are also available for download after purchase.

Considering that the $6 minimum is well worth even just one of these titles, this bundle is a good deal. Besides, THQ's been going through some hard times, so throwing in a couple bucks just to help the publisher may be a good move. Hopefully, by hosting a Humble Bundle, THQ will have enough capital to see themselves through into 2013.


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  • clonazepam
    Sweet. I just chipped in $10. THQ you suck, so I hope this helps.
  • samuelspark
    Nice deal.
  • bustapr
    theres really no excuse to not have metro 2033 and darksiders after this. saints row 3 is supposed to be good so Ill give it a try, and company of heroes and red faction armagedon is good as well.

    darksiders in particular is one of the best franchises started this gen. their blatant console ports, but it doesnt make them any less enjoyable if you have a controller.