HyperX Gear Popping Up At GameStop Locations

HyperX has a plan--which is smart, because in an increasingly crowded peripherals market, any company needs to hustle to get its products in front of consumers. HyperX is doing just that by selling one of its headsets, the HyperX Cloud Stinger, in brick and mortar GameStop locations nationwide.

The idea here is that plenty of people still make purchases at brick and mortar stores despite the overwhelming spectre of online shopping. Presumably, this is just a trial balloon; after all, HyperX has numerous peripherals products, so why offer just one headset?

The answer is likely at least twofold. First, GameStop has physical limitations. You can only fit so much stuff into a retail space, so you can’t load up the store’s shelves willy-nilly with boxes and boxes of different devices. Second, HyperX needs to figure out if this strategy will work. Starting out with a single product to hype is not an unwise approach.

The actual product--the Cloud Stinger--is also likely a smart choice, and it carries a low risk of failure. It’s just $50, and it offers multi-platform compatibility, so plenty of folks who want to pick up a decent pair of cans without dropping too much money can grab these for whatever system they want. The Cloud Stinger works on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, the Wii U, mobile devices, and the PC.

HyperX has been carefully pushing into the peripherals market lately. Its headset business has been around for quite a while, but now it has gaming keyboards and mice, as well. Instead of releasing a slew of SKUs all at once, though, it has, for example, methodically released one keyboard with one switch option, then another later on.

Thus, this toe-dipping into GameStop’s waters completely jibes with HyperX’s modus operandi, and therefore we expect to see more HyperX gear available there by and by.

  • thinkspeak
    Strange because weve been carrying the cloud cores for a while now and they sell well. Helps that they roflstomp all over turtlebeach and afterglow all day. The stingers have a smaller driver than the cloud core but its also like 30 bucks cheaper lol.