Ibuypower announces sub-$2000 Quad FX system

Chicago (IL) - Ibuypower was one of the first system builders to offer AMD's new Quad FX platform, previously code-named 4x4. The basic configuration of the computer runs for less than $2000 and includes two FX-70 processors, a 500 watt power supply, 512 MB of memory one Geforce 6600 graphics card and an 80 GB hard drive.

A system that is configured with more memory, more hard drive capacity and enhanced graphics is available for around $3000, while a fully equipped system with two FX-74 CPUs, two graphics cards, 2 GB memory and 1.5 TB of hard disk space touches the $5500 mark. However, the options offered by Ibuypower are below the capabilities of the Quad FX platform, which can carry up to 8 GB memory, four graphics cards and 9 TB of storage space.

The Ibuypower Quad FX computer comes standard with Microsoft's Windows Media center Edition, which, according to Microsoft, does not support dual-socket computer systems. Users who are interested in buying the system should opt for a $31 upgrade to Windows XP Professional.

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