Inland Platinum SSD Offers 1TB for $99 Through Amazon

Inland Platinum SSD
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If you're looking for storage but don't want to overspend, check out this offer on the Inland Platinum 1TB internal SSD. It usually sells for $119, but it's listed on Amazon right now for just $99.

Inland Platinum M.2 1 TB: was $119, now $99 @Amazon

Inland Platinum M.2 1 TB: was $119, now $99 @Amazon
This internal SSD has a small M.2 form factor. It comes with a maximum storage capacity of 1 TB. It usually retails for $119 but is currently listed on Amazon at a $20 discount.

You don't need much space available to house this drive, it has an M.2 2280 form factor. It uses a PCIe Gen3 X4 interface to connect. Under ideal conditions, it can reach read/write speeds as high as 3400/1900MBps.

Because this is an SSD, you can expect faster boot times and better responsiveness when compared to a traditional hard drive.

This offer is listed without expiration, it's not certain for how long it will be made available. If you'd like to read more about the specs in detail, check out the Inland Platinum product page on Amazon.

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  • mcconkeymike
    That's a terrible deal after looking at Microcenter's website. This QLC drive is only rated at 100TBW. If you go with the Inland Premium 1TB, you'll get a rating of 1600TBW for only $20 more, plus you'll get much faster write speeds with the Premium.
  • DZIrl
    I really like "up to". Yeah 1600TBW but this is probably for 2TB and 700 for 1TB.

    Don't know what to say. For same money I could get some brand I trust more. Inland? Never heard of!