Fujitsu Leaks Intel's Upcoming 9th Generation Lineup

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Fujitsu has posted a comparability matrix for its solutions that seemingly lists the entire lineup for Intel's new 9th-Generation processors. Intel's initial announcement of the 9th Generation lineup occurred in October 2018 in a limited fashion: The company only introduced three models spanning its Core i5, i7 and i9 lines, with the expectation that more would come in the future. Intel later announced the Core i5-9400 at CES 2019, but it'd make sense for Intel to continue expanding the lineup.

Now, as spotted by TechPowerUp, Fujitsu has listed several new 9th-Gen processors in a compatibility document for its line of desktop motherboards. Many of these processors have already been known about, due to a steady cadence of leaks around Intel's new F-series processors that lack integrated graphics units

The new listing apparently whips the covers off Intel's new line of T-series processors, which are variants that feature a lower 35W TDP rating for fanless and space-constrained systems. Other models, such as the new F-Series Pentiums, already leaked last month.

The document also lists several new Xeon E-Series processors, including the eight-core E-2288G and E-2278G, along with vague listings of E-22xxG and E-22xx models that land with either four or six cores.

Intel hasn't officially announced several of the new models, so a timeline for retail availability remains unknown. The company announced the Core i5-9400 and 9400F at CES 2019, but while the GPU-disabled Core i5-9400F is already available, we have yet to see the Core i5-9400 on retailers shelves.

The news comes as Intel is grappling with a shortage of 14nm CPUs amid record demand. Selling units with disabled integrated graphics would allow the company to ship dies that it would have otherwise been unable to sell, due to manufacturing defects.  

Below is a table of Intel's current 9th-Generation processors, as well ones expected to be announced. Items written in bold were revealed in Fujitsu's document. The rest have been officially announced by Intel. Note that some specifications and models in this table are not confirmed by Intel. 

Intel 9th Generation CPUs 

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Cores / ThreadsBase / Boost Freq. (GHz)Integrated GraphicsMemory SupportCacheTDPRCP
Core i9-9900K8 / 163.6 / 5.0UHD 630DDR4-266616MB95W$488
Core i9-9900KF8 / 163.6 / 5.0NoDDR4-266616MB95W$488
Core i9-99008 / 16?UHD 630DDR4-2666?65W?
Core i7-9700K8 / 83.6 / 4.9UHD 630DDR4-266612MB95W$374
Core i7-9700KF8 / 83.6 / 4.9NoDDR4-266612MB95W$374
Core i7-9700F8 / 8?NoDDR4-2666?65W?
Core i7-9700T8 / 8?UHD 630DDR4-2666?65W?
Core i5-9600K6 / 63.7 / 4.6UHD 630DDR4-26669MB95W$262
Core i5-9600KF6 / 63.7 / 4.6NoDDR4-26669MB95W$262
Core i5-9500F6 / 6?NoDDR4-2666?65W?
Core i5-9400F6 / 6?NoDDR4-2666?65W?
Core i5-94006 / 62.9 / 4.1UHD 630DDR4-26669MB65W$182
Core i5-9400F6 / 62.9 / 4.1NoDDR4-26669MB65W$182
Core i5-9500T / 9600T6 / 6?UHD 630DDR4-2666?35W?
Core i5-9400T6 / 6?UHD 630DDR4-2666?35W?
Core i3-9350KF4 / 44.0 / 4.6NoDDR4-24008MB91W$173
Core i3-9300 / 93204 /4?UHD 630DDR4-2400?62W?
Core i3-91004 /4?UHD 630DDR4-2400?65W?
Core i3-9100T / 9300T4 / 4?UHD 630DDR4-2400?35W?
Pentium Gold G5600F / G65202 / 43.9 / -UHD 630DDR4-2400?54W?
Pentium Gold G54202 / 4?UHD 610DDR4-2400?54-58W?
Pentium Gold G5600T2 / 4?UHD 630DDR4-2400?35W?
Pentium Gold G5420T2 /4 ?UHD 610DDR4-2400?35W?
Celeron G4390 / G49502 / 4?UHD 610DDR4-2400?54W?
Celeron G4930T2 / 4?UHD 610DDR4-2400?35W?
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