Intel Appoints Deepak Patil as Head of Graphics Group, Replaces Raja Koduri

‪Deepak Patil‬
‪Deepak Patil‬ (Image credit: Dell)

Deepak Patil will replace Raja Koduri as the CVP and GM of the restructured Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics (AXG) group. Jeff McVeigh served as the interim leader for AXG after Koduri departed to head an AI gaming software start-up.

Koduri, who previously led AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group, arrived at Intel in 2017. During his time at Intel, Koduri oversaw the chipmaker’s GPU and accelerator projects, including Intel Xe, Ponte Vecchio, and Arc Alchemist. In addition, he was the Executive Vice President of the AXG group until a recent reorganization put him back into the position of Intel Chief Architect. McVeigh, the CVP and GM of the Super Compute Group (SCG), kept the AXG seat warm while Intel searched for a suitable replacement for Koduri.

“Intel will deliver competitive accelerated computing products and build scalable systems with easy-to-program software on a predictable cadence. Deepak Patil will serve as the CVP and General Manager of the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics (AXG) group.

Deepak recently held the position of DCAI Chief Technology and Strategy Officer. Having held senior engineering leadership positions across the high-tech industry, including being a founding member of Microsoft Azure and leading Dell’s APEX as-a-service business, he understands the important role that software and open ecosystems play in enabling application developers and service providers to bring innovative solutions to market, at scale. His rich systems, software and services experience will build on the deep silicon and graphics architecture and engineering expertise in AXG, to accelerate the growth of Intel’s position in the AI, HPC and client graphics markets.

Jeff McVeigh will return to leading the Super Compute Group while also helping Deepak ramp in his new role.”

Patil worked for Microsoft for over 15 years and was one of the founding members of Microsoft Azure. He also has a lot of engineering leadership roles under his belt: before Intel, he was the SVP of Dell's Cloud Platforms and Solutions Group. With his ample experience in cloud computing, it's easy to see why Intel hired Patil as the Chief Technology and Strategy Officer of the Datacenter and AI Group (DCAI).

AXG can be a challenge. Intel formed the group in 2021, and it has seen a fair share of challenges. Remember the Ponte Vecchio delays? Intel has killed off many non-core businesses under CEO Pat Gelsinger's direction, including Optane, SSDs, 5G modems, and — most recently — prebuilt servers, and despite many predictions to the contrary, AXG continues to soldier on after its reorganization. It will be interesting to see whether Patil can turn the group around as CVP and GM of AXG.

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    Bringing on a cloud/services guy isn't a good sign for consumer dGPUs. Are those still being developed under the AXG umbrella? I might've lost track, in and amongst the various reorg news.