First Intel Atom Motherboard On Sale

Intel’s first commercially available Atom powered motherboard is popping up all over Internet ready for pre-orders. Most note the motherboard will begin to ship within two to three weeks.

The Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF, targeted at a new category that Intel deems as “Nettops”, was launched in late April and is now currently available at Tranquil PC for preorder at £52.90 ($103.24 USD). Earlier reports indicated the street price would be hovering around the £78 ($121.85) mark.

The D945GClF motherboard has a soldered Intel Atom 230 1.60 GHz processor, Intel 82945G + ICH7, and is all packaged inside a mini-ITX form factor. The board also utilizes the Intel GMA950, features a single PCI slot, 2x USB, 2 SATA connectors, 1 IDE, typical PS/2 ports, VGA output, one 10/100 jack, and a RS232 port.

According to the Tranquil PC website the motherboard is “capable of powering Vista Home Media Center” with ease and takes a stab at VIA saying the Atom processor is three times as fast as the VIA C7 1.5 GHz processor. No benchmarks were available from the website. The company says shipments will begin the fist week of June on a first come first served basis.

Nettops described by Intel as an “affordable desktop computing devices purpose-built for Internet-centric usage.” The concept appears to be ideal for system builders looking for sub $300 systems, entry-level computer users, car PCs, and various vertical markets.

The Atom processor, originally targeted towards ultra-mobile applications, was recently made available for mini-ITX devices with a hope towards gathering steam in the nettops segment. The D945GCLF is Intel’s second attempt in recent years towards the mini-ITX market. Last year Intel launched the D201 motherboard, which packaged a soldered Celeron processor clocked at 1.2 GHz paired with the SiS662/SiS964 chipset.

  • liemfukliang
    I wish Nvidia or Ati make Geforce / Radeon motherboard for this Atom. Geforce 8400 powered ATOM PC with very low power requrement? Sound nice :).
  • virtualban
    Now, don't chipsets for atom support max 1GB RAM? I bet Linux can be a very good media center PC platform too. And some hardware acceleration by the graphics card like liemfukliang above mentioned, and a price drop, and there you go, the ultimate media center device for general purpose media and general purpose internet too. Install a deep freeze or something similar for the internet connected versions and live happily. Install Vista and whatever you feel like afterwards, and don't live happily.
  • draxssab
    Hmm, I don't think Vista could run "easily" on a so small CPU. And since the goal is to keep the price as low as possible, I'm pretty sure that XP Media center is a better option there. But i'm thinking that a used PC (like a P4 or something similar) make a good media center for low price, as many people are trying to sell them for dual core options these times.. lol

    But for the one who prefer brand new stuff, I think this is a good option, and is probably more energy efficient.
  • i have usb problen in board d525mw, how does it happend