Specs and Prices of Intel's Xeon Scalable 'Ice Lake-SP' Leak

(Image credit: Intel)

As Intel's Xeon Scalable 'Ice Lake-SP' processors are getting closer to formal launch, more information about their specifications appears to have leaked. This time around, famous leaker @momomo_us published a list of Ice Lake-SP CPUs with general specifications along with their prices in Southern Europe.

As it turns out, one of Intel's partners from Portugal or Spain has either started to take orders on Intel's upcoming 3rd-Generation Xeon Scalable processors codenamed Ice Lake-SP, or just included them in its price list. 

Since the CPUs have not been announced by Intel, it is impossible to verify accuracy of their specifications, but at least their model numbers as well as general specifications corroborate with those published by Hewlett Packard Enterprise a couple of weeks ago. 

The leaked list of Intel's Ice Lake-SP processors for servers includes 18 Xeon Platinum and Xeon Gold processors with 16, 18, 28, 32, 36, 38 or 40 cores. As reported, the Xeon Platinum 8380 will feature 40 cores clocked at 2.30 GHz and will, be equipped with 60 MB of LLC (1.5 MB per core). The model 8380 will be among Intel's highest-performing chips for datacenters and will be priced accordingly: chip is projected to cost €8,411 ($9,875) without VAT (21%). 


(Image credit: @momomo_us)

Meanwhile there will also be numerous Xeon Platinum models with 38 and 36 cores that will sit below the higher end model, but will operate at higher clocks and will cost significantly less than the 40-core SKU. 

Typically, Intel's families of server CPUs are much broader, so expect the Ice Lake-SP lineup to contain more products aimed at machines that need less than 28 cores per socket or support more memory per socket.

Anton Shilov
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