Intel Jasper Lake CPUs Allegedly Uncovered

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News outlet FanlessTech has reportedly shared the specifications for Intel's unreleased Jasper Lake processors. Until we see confirmation we are taking these unconfirmed specifications with a healthy dose of salt. The low-powered chips are expected to feature the 10nm process node and Tremont microarchitecture. 

Intel revealed Tremont last year, promising a substantial IPC (instructions per cycle) over previous low-power x86 microarchitecture. Actually, the chipmaker has already implemented Tremont in a couple of products, including its hybrid Lakefield and Atom P-series (codename Snow Ridge) processors. It won't be long until Tremont eventually invades the low-end market in the shape of Jasper Lake.

Currently, Gemini Lake Refresh is the family of processors that's in circulation. The lineup is divided into J-series for desktops and N-series for mobile devices that conform to 10W and 6W thermal limits, respectively. The processors either come with a dual-core or quad-core setup and lack Hyper-Threading technology. Assuming that FanlessTech's information is accurate, Jasper Lake will seemingly remain faithful to the design of its antecessors.

Intel Jasper Lake Specifications*

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ProcessorCores / ThreadsBase / Boost Clocks (GHz)L2 Cache (MB)TDP (W)
Pentium Silver J60054 / 42.0 / 3.3410
Pentium Silver J50404 / 42.0 / 3.2410
Celeron J51054 / 42.0 / 2.8410
Celeron J41254 / 42.0 / 2.7410
Celeron J45052 / 22.0 / 2.9410
Celeron J40252 / 22.0 / 2.9410
Pentium Silver N60004 / 41.1 / 3.146
Pentium Silver N50304 / 41.1 / 3.146
Celeron N51004 / 41.1 / 2.846
Celeron N41204 / 41.1 / 2.646
Celeron N45002 / 21.1 / 2.846
Celeron N41202 / 21.1 / 2.646

*Specifications are unconfirmed.

The Pentium Silver J6005 leads the way for desktop Jasper Lake parts. The quad-core part seemingly rocks a 2 GHz base clock and 3.3 GHz boost clock. In comparison to the existing Pentium Silver J5040, the Jasper Lake chip only shows a 100 MHz increase in boost clock speeds. 

For laptops, Pentium Silver N6000 appear to come with identical clock speeds as the Pentium Silver N5030. However, Intel has led us to believe that the promised 30% IPC gain over the previous Goldmont Plus lies within the Tremont microarchitecture itself.

Gemini Lake Refresh utilizes two different Gen9 solutions. The fastest models, such as the Pentium Silver J5040  and Pentium Silver N5030 sport the Intel UHD Graphics 605 unit with 18 Execution Units (EUs), while the remaining SKUs sticks to the Intel UHD Graphics 600 with just 12 EUs. So far, Jasper Lake has emerged with Gen11 graphics, a similar ingredient that's found inside Intel's Ice Lake processors.

Intel hasn't put out word on when Jasper Lake will come out. FanlessTech, on the other hand, believes we'll see the 10nm entry-level parts in cheap laptops and fanless systems early next year.

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