Intel's Notebook and Netbook Plans for 2H09

From Intel roadmaps we know that there will be new platforms hitting notebooks this year, and now OEMs are confirming products based on the new technologies.

According to Digitimes, notebook OEMs including Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics, MSI, ECS and others, are gearing up for production of Nehalem-based laptops in the third quarter of this year.

Specifically, the new notebooks will be based off the next-generation Intel platform codenamed Calpella, which inherits all the Nehalem-based advancements such as the on-die memory controller and on-chip graphics.

Smaller form factor notebooks will continue to use Montevina technology with the CULV chips that Intel plans to roll out. This will include 12- and 13-inch notebooks in the under $1,100 category.

Netbooks will be getting their own overhaul this fall with the introduction of the new Atom Pineview chip with on-chip graphics and Tiger Point chipset, which will replace the presently ubiquitous Atom N270 and 945GSE combination we have now.

The Atom N270 and 945GSE will continue to live on, however, in the low-cost segment of 8.9-inch netbooks running Intel’s Linux-based Moblin OS.

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  • w4ffles
    Do not want. Give us the Ion netbooks we all want.
  • Master Exon
  • neiroatopelcc
    If those prices can be directly converted to our currency, I fear we won't get many new laptops. We're currently using hp's 15" laptops with core 2 duo's and they cost less than $700 each. A jump to 1100+ for a 15" notebook - well that's just unreasonable.