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Intel Quietly Launches Flagship Cascade Lake-SP CPU

Intel has quietly added a new Cascade Lake-SP SKU to its lineup. The Intel Xeon Platinum 8284 is a 28-core chip with an improved base clock speed of 3.0 GHz, up from the 2.7 GHz of the Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 that launched in April, making it the new flagship of the Cascade Lake-SP series.

Computerbase found the new SKU on Wednesday. The 8284 has a higher TDP and price tag then its predecessor as well. It's rated at a 240W TDP, compared to the 8280’s 205W. With a list price of $15,460, the 300 MHz higher base frequency come at a premium of almost $5,500 compared to the 8280’s $10,009. It should be noted, though, that Intel’s major customers don’t pay anything close to the list price.

And the 8284 is still not Intel’s most expensive chip. That dubious honor goes to the Platinum 8280L. At $17,906 it supports 4.5TB memory per socket. Intel has not released pricing information for the Cascade Lake-AP processors.

The other specs have remained identical. The (single-core) turbo remains 4.0 GHz, the chip has 38.5MB cache, 48 PCIe 3.0 lanes and the maximum supported memory is 1.5TB DDR4-2933.

While the 8284 is the new flagship in the Cascade Lake-SP series, the company previously launched the Cascade Lake-AP series with two 28-core dies on a package connected via a UPI link.

Computerbase also found several images of the Whitley and Cedar Island platforms that leaked in May. Cedar Island is the upcoming Cooper Lake platform that will scale up to 4S and 8S systems, while Whitley will support both Cooper Lake-SP and Ice Lake-SP in 2S configurations.

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Photo Credits: Computerbase