InWin Releases New AIOs That Help Cool Additional System Components

InWin BR36
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InWin has developed two new AIO liquid coolers, the BR24 and BR36, with more functionality than your typical AIO. Both coolers not only cool your CPU, but an additional fan mounted directly on the pump gives your motherboard components (like power delivery, GPU backplates, and RAM) more airflow to keep them cool.

The BR36 is InWin's 360mm AIO with triple RGB 120mm fans, and the BR24 is (as you guessed) a 240mm AIO with dual 120mm RGB fans. The fans equipped are ARGB compatible and spin up to 1800 RPM with a maximum airflow spec of up to 26.93 CFM.

Both the BR36 and BR24 also come with a specialized pump infused directly into the tubes themselves and located right next to the radiator. This is a great feature to have if you need to install your radiator below the CPU block, as it will prevent air bubbles from reaching the pump.

Perhaps the most striking feature of all is the large fan placed about the CPU block. This allows your system compounds around the CPU to have active cooling, which might be necessary for some PC builds with restricted airflow.

inWin BR24

(Image credit: InWin)

For some builders, having active airflow on your memory and power delivery is necessary to keep those components cool and prevent overheating. This is especially true if you are either memory overclocking and/or CPU overclocking. But also, if you're using a motherboard with an average power delivery system that is prone to overheating.

CPU air coolers often do the job of cooling the memory and power delivery since the heatsink is close to the motherboard. With your typical AIO, this is not the case. The radiator and its associated fans are so far away that the only air traveling over your system components (besides the CPU) comes from case fans that might not have enough airflow to keep them cool. This is often a niche problem, though, as having passive airflow over the motherboard is often fine.

This is not the first time we've seen a fan mounted on the CPU block, either. Cryorig's A40 and A80 AIOs have a directional fan you can place on the CPU block to control airflow, whether to the RAM, GPU/M.2 slots, or the power delivery subsystem.

This is where InWin's design is a bit more mature — the fan is non-directional and blasts air around the entire CPU area, meaning all system components around the CPU receive air instead of just one component.

Unfortunately, InWin isn't selling the BR36 or BR24 to the United States at the moment. However, European buyers can purchase the BR24 and BR36 AIOs for 109.99 and 124.99 Euros, respectively.

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