Microsoft to Also Rock September 9 With New Gadgets

Is it time to upgrade your iPod, mouse, webcam or possibly your Zune? You just might be able to make your decision in less than a week. Apple has already mentioned the release of new iPods coming soon, however they are remaining tight-lipped on the details, waiting until the “Let’s Rock” event on the morning of September 9, 2008 in San Francisco.

What is Microsoft up to? Telling us to “Say goodbye to Laser” and they are planning to announce and confirm multiple products at the same time, that’s what. Aside from the already confirmed 120GB Zune (available in Black) and possible 16GB 3rd generation, Blue Flash 2nd generation Zune, Microsoft is releasing a new mouse (or two) and two new webcam models.

The new Explorer mouse dubbed ‘Blue Track’ may be coming in two flavors – a model targeted at mobile users and a model targeted at desktop users. Originally, this new Microsoft Explorer mouse was spotted on and but have long since been removed. However, Google cache still has piece of this information available if you know where to look. product listing showing two versions of the new Microsoft Explorer ‘Blue Track’ product information in Italianconverted to English here.

Interestingly enough, has product codes already and had prices listed. The prices seemed a little on the high side and were listed in at approximately 50 Euro ($71) for the Microsoft Explorer Mini and 65 Euro ($93) for the standard Microsoft Explorer. Both product listings also contained an availability date of October 15, 2008 which is a Wednesday. Both are expected to be wireless.

It appears that Microsoft is also planning the release of two new webcams. The Microsoft LifeCam VX-5500 and LifeCam NX-8000. A copy of the actual fact sheet for the VX-5500 is available here in German only from the Microsoft Germany site. The fact sheet mentions the cost being 60 Euro ($85). Nothing is really known yet on pricing for the NX-8000 or if it is actually going to be released.

And onto the rumors surrounding the possible release of the 3rd Generation Zune devices from Microsoft, we can only continue to speculate at this point. No hard evidence has been brought forward – maybe this is how Microsoft wants it with Apple-like secrecy and buzz. Hopefully all will be revealed on September 9.