Killer E2400 Controller Adds Web Prioritization To MSI, Gigabyte Z170 Motherboards

Rivet Networks just released its new Killer E2400 Ethernet Controller, which now comes installed in select new MSI and Gigabyte motherboard models. This new Ethernet controller features Rivet's Advance Stream Detect 2.0 technology, which is designed for data network detection and optimization in the consumer market.

Advance Stream Detect 2.0 identifies home network traffic and automatically assigns priority in order to reduce lag, improve latency and increase network performance. While the previous version gave only four levels of prioritization, version 2.0 provides two additional priority levels, now giving the user six levels of prioritization to take full advantage of enhanced application detection.

Another new feature, Advance Stream Detect 2.0 brings the ability to not only prioritize applications, but also website traffic. Ideal for multitaskers who typically have multiple tabs open at the same time, you can now prioritize which sites are routed to the faster connection, potentially delivering a seamless audio and video streaming experience.

The new component also features Killer DoubleShot Pro technology, which gives the user the option of utilizing both Killer Ethernet and Killer Wireless products simultaneously to automatically route high priority traffic to the fastest connection. However, one drawback to utilizing DoubleShot Pro is that all devices must be Killer networking products.

For the best results, Rivet recommended using two of its Ethernet Controllers and one of its wireless AC adapters for the DoubleShot-X3 Pro. By combining all three interfaces, DoubleShot-X3 Pro identifies all traffic and sends high priority traffic over the fastest connection, standard traffic over the next fastest connection, and bulk traffic over the remaining connection. According to Rivet, the combined power of all these interfaces can potentially push a throughput as high as 2,867 Gbps.

Other features of the Killer E2400 Ethernet controller include lag and latency reduction technology for improved video streaming and gaming performance, as well as a Visual Bandwidth Control that lets the user adjust priorities and set bandwidth limits through a graphical interface. 

The Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller is available now in the aforementioned select products. MSI will feature the E2400 on multiple Z170 motherboards such as the Z170A Gaming M9 ACK with Killer DoubleShot Pro and X99A Godlike Gaming motherboard with DoubleShot-X3 capability. Gigabyte's Z170X-Gaming 7 and Z170X-Gaming GT motherboards will both have the E2400 Ethernet controller, while its top of the line Z170X-Gaming G1 motherboard will support DoubleShot-X3.

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    they should add the "it works" feature.
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    x99A "Godlike" Gaming motherboard ???
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    I think there is a z170 Godlike motherboard now, I guess its for 10yr olds with a lot of money.