Kolink Introduces A 2,000W Mining PSU And A Passive SFX-L Unit

We visited Kolink's booth during Computex 2018 to take a look at the company's upcoming PSU products. For those of you who might not have heard of this brand before, Kolink is the in-house brand of Caseking.de, which is the largest distributor and retailer in Europe.

Mr. Philip Pfab, Kolink's PSU product manager, provided us with an overview of the new PSU products and also let us crack open the new Dynamine mining PSU that captured our attention. He also mentioned that Kolink will go beyond using third-party platforms, as more brands do nowadays, because it will design its own platform that will be manufactured by a factory in China which will meet Kolink's standards. It's good to see house brands growing larger and hiring PSU engineers and factories to offer higher quality (and performance) products.

Here's a video showing Kolink's new PSUs, including the mining behemoth:

All upcoming Kolink PSU models are mentioned below, along with some details about their features.

Those models will replace the existing Continuum 1200W and 1050W in September. They are based on a new platform that has been developed in cooperation with High Power and which is based on HPV Platinum. The platform upgrades promise for reduced ripple and noise, lower EMI and inrush current, and improved load regulation along with longer hold-up time. The price will remain at the same levels as the existing models.

The major features of this PSU are the following:

  • 100A/1,200W at +12V (87.5A at +12V for the 1050W model)
  • Fully modular cable management & black ribbon cables
  • 2x CPU and 12x PCIe connectors (2x CPU and only 6x PCIe connectors for the 1050W model)
  • 140mm fan with golf ball style surface for reduced noise
  • LLC/DC-DC platform
  • Full Japanese capacitors
  • 5-year warranty

The Continuum line will feature a 650W member from this September. The platform will be provided by Highpower and it will be similar to the one that the Continuum 850 uses (HPS).

The major features are the following:

  • 54A/650W at +12V
  • Fully modular cable management & black ribbon cables
  • 2x CPU and 6x PCIe 
  • 140mm fan with golf ball style surface for reduced noise 
  • LLC/DC-DC platform
  • Full Japanese capacitors
  • 5-year warranty

This PSU has been exclusively designed for mining applications, so it doesn't have any minor rails or 5VSB, but only +12V where it can deliver up to 167 Amperes.

The key points of this product are:

  • 20x PCIe and 2000W at +12V
  • Selectable master and slave mode. So you can connect multiple PSUs together and control all of them through the master unit.
  • LLC/DC-DC platform
  • Full Japanese capacitors
  • Dual 80mm 2BB fan
  • 5-year warranty (even for 24/7 mining use!)
  • $259
  • Enhance Electronics Platform

We got permission to open the Dynamine and shot some interesting photos.

This is the first line from Kolink that will be based on an in-house design and not an existing platform.  Philip told us that Kolink is close to finishing the R&D phase now and that it's already planning for mass production. If all goes well those PSUs will hit the European market in September.

The major points of this line are:

  • Available in 500, 600, 700W 
  • LLC/DC-DC platform
  • Fully modular, black ribbon style cables
  • 120mm rifle bearing fan, low idle RPM
  • 3-year warranty
  • High performance per dollar (or euro) ratio

Upcoming Kolink SFX-L And SFX Models

Kolink will also release two small form factor units, with one of them being fanless. The normal SFX unit will have 600W capacity while the fanless PSU, which is based on an Enhance Electronics platform, has 150W less capacity.

Aris Mpitziopoulos
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.