HIS launches overclocked Radeon X850XT card

Chicago (IL) - HIS today announced a Radeon X850XT-based graphics card with a software tool that enables users to overclock the chip and adjust fan-speeds on-the-fly.

The new card X850XT IceQ II Turbo follows an emerging trend of providing performance-on-demand by providing an application that fine-tunes some of its features.

In contrast to other X850XT cards, HIS' product comes with an overclocking software that increases the core frequency from 520 to 540 MHz. Fan speeds can also be adjusted to decrease below 20dB or provide an additional 11 degrees Celsius of cooling performance.

The iTurbo line has been previously introduced with ATI's X700Pro chip, increasing the core frequency from 425 to 460 MHz. Both cards come in trendy light-blue and UV-sensitive casing. HIS said the X850XT IceQ II Turbo will be available in February worldwide.

Pricing has not been announced yet.