On August 8, Take To The Skies In 'LawBreakers' For PC And PS4

LawBreakers, which was announced two years ago under codename Project BlueStreak, was showcased at the PC Gaming Show for the third year in a row. Last year, the game was still in its early alpha stages, but it looks like Boss Key Productions is preparing players for the full release later this summer.

LawBreakers takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth after the destruction of our moon. As such, gravitational anomalies run rampant, and criminals (lawbreakers) even more so. Despite its bleak premise, LawBreakers features a vibrant palette full of flashy weaponry, stylish movesets, and colorful maps.

LawBreakers allows you to choose from a burly cast of characters, each with their own weapons and special abilities. There are several factions representing order and stability (the Law) or chaos and anarchy (the Breakers). Both the Law and the Breakers have access to all combat roles, but each role has one cosmetically unique character to represent each alignment.

The action in LawBreakers is fast-paced and gravity-defying, literally. Axel and Kintaro, who represent the Law and the Breakers, respectively, occupy the Enforcer role, which grants them access to a Distortion Field to boost their movement on top of increasing their team’s rate of fire and reload speed. Alternatively, Battle Medics Tokki and Feng can glide across the battlefield using their Hoverpacks, raining fire on enemies below.

Boss Key Productions CEO Cliff Bleszinski believes that no game is perfect at launch, and he wants to iron out as many wrinkles as possible before the game's release on August 8. To do so, he encourages players who currently have a key to hop on the final closed beta, which begins on June 28. If you don't have a key, the open beta will drop soon after, on June 30. LawBreakers will be launching on PC and Playstation 4 for $30. 


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