'LawBreakers' Features Stylish, Gravity-Defying Combat; Public Alpha Begins This Weekend

LawBreakers is an upcoming first-person shooter developed by Boss Key Productions. In the not so distant future, the destruction of the moon wildly disrupts Earth’s gravity. Criminals (lawbreakers) run rampant in the streets and leave chaos in their wake.

The violently unpredictable gravity is what allows Boss Key to implement the outlandish and stylish combat into LawBreakers; players are illustrated flying, gliding and swinging across the battlefield amidst heavy gunfire and melee assaults. The latest trailer shown during the PC Gaming Show exhibits the new “Promenade” map, an area based on the remnants of Santa Monica.

Boss Key hopes to set LawBreakers apart from other popular first-person shooters, such as Overwatch, in both combat and stylistic direction. Cliff Bleszinski, one of the cofounders of Boss Key Productions, feels that Overwatch has a friendlier appeal and more anime-inspired style (which, according to Cliff, his wife adores), while LawBreakers will appeal more to the Western crowd. Both games are colorful and stylish, but LawBreakers is gorier and grittier overall.

LawBreakers still needs to be polished, and what better way to iron out the kinks than playing the game? Cliff invites players to hop on the public alpha, which begins this weekend on June 18.

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