Lenovo Announces 28-inch ThinkVision Pro2840m 4K Monitor


The ThinkVision Pro2840m is a 28-inch UltraHD display that boasts a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (157 PPI). The monitor sports true 10-bit color, DP+mDP_MHL, USB BC 1.2, 3x USB 3.0, and 2x USB 2.0. There's also dual 2x3 watt speakers, touch sensitive buttons, a stand that allows for tilt (forward 5 degrees, backwards 25 degrees), swivel (45 degrees in either direction), and life (110 mm).

This display is expected to hit the market in April of this year, though no specific release date was given. Pricing is set at $799, which is awesome value for a 4K monitor.

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  • Krisk7
    Finally. Good price, but does it support >= 60Hz refresh rate and display port?
  • esco_sid
    Now only make that 24 inches and ill buy it.
  • patrick47018
    Not too shabby!
  • Chaoss
    Wow that's really cheap for a 4k monitor, if there was a 32 or 36 inch version I'd get one
  • vinay2070
    Damn! now you need more GPU power!
  • soldier44
    Nice but too small, Ive been on a 30 inch 2560 x 1600 display for over 3 years now. Make it at least 30 inches if not 32 or 35...
  • Bondfc11
    None of these early 4K units will be worth a damn to game on. Just placemarkers until the proper tech comes along to make it gamer friendly (unless you enjoy 30FPS).
  • ShattaAD
    Damn, how do ppl play games on a freaking 32, 42 inch screen? I'm actually hoping they'd release a 23"-24" version. I'm sitting about 1.5-2.1 feet from my 22" full hd on my desk and I could already make out the individual pixels on the screen and it's at just the right distance where I don't have to turn my head left and right to scan the full screen to pick out my enemies. At 35" you'd have to sit so far from the screen to get a decent unpixelated image you might as well play in the living room infront of your TV screen.
  • chumly
    Nice stand.
  • Alex Gerulaitis
    "True 10-bit display": are you sure? Source?