Lenovo Premieres New E32 Entry-Level Workstations

Lenovo has introduced their new Thinkstation E32 line of workstations. Replacing the E31 line, these are entry-level workstations designed to deliver workstation-class performance and reliability on a PC budget.

The Thinkstation E32 is available as both a mini tower and a small form factor PC. The tower unit can be expanded with more capable graphics cards, up to a Quadro K4000, as opposed to the SFF unit's limit of the K600. They can accommodate the latest i5, i7 and E3 1200 v3 Xeon processors from Intel, as well as being capable of accepting ECC memory to prevent memory-related errors and data loss.

These entry-level systems are designed for the entry-level CAD, product design, and medical imaging markets where the size and/or expense of a full-blown workstation may be more than is needed.

Select models of the Thinkstation E32 come with a 60 day trial of AutoCAD LT 2014 pre-installed to get users going."The ThinkStation E32 is built for the design and engineering community and is an ideal workstation for running AutoCAD LT," said Sheila Parker Tolle, senior director of ecommerce and small business marketing at Autodesk. "Having a trial of AutoCAD LT factory installed and ready to go for 60 days on the
Lenovo ThinkStation E32 makes it easy for customers to start their AutoCAD LT evaluation, and gives them the powerful, responsive computing power they need to create complex designs quickly and effectively."

The Thinkstation E32 comes with Windows 8 Pro and is certified for applications from many ISVs including Adobe, SolidWorks, PTC and Siemens. ISV certification means a hassle-free experience for the user, as their application has been tested to work on the system beforehand, eliminating unexpected compatibility issues. They also feature up to 32 GB of memory and six USB 3.0 ports.

The Lenovo Thinkstation E32 will be available starting September 6 for a base price of approximately $729.

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  • Bill Reinhardt
    Thats cool and all....


    Does it have the Lenovo-branded start button that i've been hearing about?

  • timw03878
    "The Thinkstation E32 comes with Windows 8 Pro"

    This statement and "Workstation" do not go together.

    No one will be getting any work done.