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This is Lepa's First CPU Cooler

LEPA has introduced its first CPU cooler, the LV12. This CPU cooler features a fairly standard tower design with U-shaped heat pipes.

The tower of the cooler is a mid-size tower of fin arrays, to which heat is fed through four U-shaped heat pipes. These heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU surface, which not only increases the speed at which heat is transferred from the CPU surface to the heat pipes, but also cuts the production cost of the unit, bringing the price down just a notch. The heat sink weighs 460 grams without any fans installed and measures 160 mm in height.

Airflow is provided by a 120 mm fan, which might be the highlight of this cooler. The fan comes with a BOL bearing that we first saw in LEPA's fans just a few weeks ago. This is a Barometric Oil-Less bearing, which should increase the lifespan of the fan and reduce bearing noise. The fan also has adjustable speeds with a minimum speed of 800 RPM and maximum speeds of 1500, 1800, or 2200 RPM. The fan is PWM controlled.

Mounting hardware is shipped along with the unit for all modern CPU sockets, including Intel's LGA1150 and LGA2011 sockets, and AMD's FM2+ and AM3+ sockets.

European pricing appears to be set at about €37, so we can expect the LV12 to cost about $40 in the US when it arrives there.

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