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Tiny Case, Plenty Of Space: Lian Li Launches PC-Q21 Mini ITX Case

Lian Li introduced a new Mini-ITX chassis called the PC-Q21 that's designed to take up the smallest physical space, while still allowing for a full-powered desktop build inside. The case includes mounts for multiple hard drives, and space for thick graphics cards.

The PC-Q21 measures a mere 149 mm wide, sits 257 mm tall, and has a total depth of 224 mm. Despite the limited size, the company made every effort to use the space in the most efficient ways possible. 

Given its small stature, the case will support only Mini-ITX motherboards, but the company has positioned it in such a way that there is space at the bottom for graphics cards that have coolers that exceed two expansion slots. If an extra thick card is installed, it will limit the options for the bottom of the case. The PC-Q21 will accept cards as long as 170 mm, allowing for only shorter cards to be installed. CPU coolers are much more limited, as there is only 60 mm of clearance between the motherboard and the power supply. The case will only accept SFX power supplies, with a maximum length of 170 mm.

With a single- or dual-slot graphics card installed, users will have the option of installing two SSDs or laptop hard drives, a single 3.5-inch drive, or a single 120 mm intake fan on the bottom of the case. Additional hard drive mounts are found on the inside of the front panel. A single 3.5-inch drive, or single 2.5-inch drive can be installed here. At the top of the case, there is a cage to mount an optional slim optical drive. Lian Li said this cage can also be used to hold a 2.5-inch drive if the optical drive is not used.

The PC-Q21 features quick pop-off doors. Lian Li said the doors will remain secure, but they easily come off when needed, without the use of tools. The left side panel includes ventilation holes for air intake. The bottom of the case includes rubberized feet to keep it in place and a filter to keep the dust out. On the front, you'll find the slot for the slim optical drive, two USB 3.0 ports and a power button.

Lian Li's PC-Q21 is made of brushed aluminum and is available in two colors, silver and black. The company said it will be available in early September (so any day now) for $74.99.

Update, 9/9/15, 9:15am PT: The article originally stated that the case can support almost any card. This was meant to say almost any variety of graphics card, but for clarity has been amended to say that only cards shorter than 6.7 inches will fit.

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