Lian Li PC-Q39 Brings Another Tempered Glass Mini-ITX Case To Its Roster

Lian Li added yet another tempered glass model to its line of Mini-ITX chassis. The company bills its PC-Q39 as a chassis that allows you to showcase a mighty but mini PC build.  

The PC-Q39 is constructed of aluminum and sports a full-cover tempered glass side panel that attaches to the frame via thumbscrews. The main compartment features a dual-chamber compartmentalized design that separates the motherboard, processor, and graphics card from the power supply, hard drives, and water cooling components.

This chassis is equipped with three expansion slots and can accommodate graphics cards with triple slot coolers. There are two small pass-through holes with rubber grommets for liquid cooling tubes and three holes in the motherboard tray with rolled metal edges for cable management. This chassis has a large hole in the motherboard mounting plate behind the CPU socket area to facilitate heatsink changes without requiring you to remove the motherboard.

Even though the PC-Q39 is a Mini-ITX case, there's still plenty of room for three 3.5” hard disks and two 2.5” solid state drives. This chassis can be outfitted with CPU coolers as tall as 120mm, triple-slot graphics cards up to 300mm, and power supplies as long as 160mm. All intake fan mounting locations are covered by magnetic dust filters for easy cleaning and maintenance.

As you can imagine, all that aluminum and tempered glass comes at a cost. The PC-Q39 will set you back $210. It's available now.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Lian-Li PC-Q39
Case TypeDual Chamber Mini-ITX Chassis
Motherboard SupportMini-ATX
Expansions Slots3
Dimensions (WxHxD)252 x 348 x 346mm
Drive Bays3.5” x 22.5” x 3
Fan Support2 x 120mm Front2 x 120mm Top1 x 140mm Bottom1 x 80mm Rear
I/O2 x USB3.01x USB3.1 (C-Type)HD Audio Jacks
Radiator Support80, 120, 240mm
CPU Cooler Max Height 120mm
GPU Max Length300mm
PSU Max Length160mm
  • 2Be_or_Not2Be
    How about all that without the glass for half the price?
  • AlistairAB
    It's coming!
  • SmallLoanofaMillionDollars
    I'd say you're looking at the wrong retailer then, 2be.