Logitech Reveals $150 G533 Wireless Headset

Logitech revealed another entry into its gaming headphone series at CES 2017. The new G533 seems to be the wireless variant to the company’s wired headset, the G633 Artemis Spectrum, at the same price point.

The G533 has mesh-textured earcups. It also utilizes Logitech’s own Pro-G 40 mm drivers, which were designed to provide a clearer sound by reducing distortion. The headphones also include a foldable mic with a new pop filter to cut down on unwanted sounds while you chat with friends. The left earcup houses controls to change the volume as well as to mute or unmute the microphone.

The new headphones' wireless capabilities mean they have to be connected to a desktop via USB dongle. Logitech said the headphones can work up to 15m (about 49 feet) away from the dongle, which makes it ideal for living room PCs. In terms of battery life, you can expect the headphones to work for 15 hours before it needs to be charged, and the peripheral also comes with a 2m (6.5") charging cable.

With the Logitech Gaming Software app, you can adjust the mic levels and the volume of the headset’s seven audio channels to suit your sound preferences. Also included is the ability to activate Dolby Headphone: X surround sound technology, which is meant to provide a better sound immersion experience due to improved audio processing and calibration.

Logitech plans to release the G533 Artemis Spectrum this month. Just like the G633, the G533 will be a bit expensive, with a $150 price tag.

  • Fabel
    After my experience with G35 and the even lower materials quality of G930 I am pretty unimpressed.

    The ear pads look OK, at least these ones wont peel off... and aren't blue.

    I can't tell from the picture for sure but unlike the G35, in G930 the headband looked quite wide but the cushioning covered just half of the band; pretty deceiving and uncomfortable. This one looks better.

    The wiring looks to be again hidden in the structure, so I guess wires are again very thin and will break sooner or later. In My G930 I had to solder a cable from the battery connector on one cup to the PCB on the other because due to a hair thin broken wire on the 3-wire battery cable it not longer charged.

    Also in G930 the battery is user-replaceable - a plus honestly- but in an unnecessarily clunky way. I hope the improved the feature instead of removing it...

    In G930 the plastics used were such low quality that of 3 pairs owned among my friends all had cracks or broken bits in less than two years. Only time can't tell, but I don't trust Logitech on this one.

    It's sad because I found no good alternative to G930, The programmable buttons are a a must for me.
  • Blytz
    Tried the G933 (I came from G35 to G930 to the G933)

    Found it to be a better overall experience (better battery life too)

    Must say it took me 4 copies of the G930 to get one that didn't drop out, but the quality faired well for me, though I think my G35 is tougher (I only killed one of them due to a freak dog/computer/cord pull that resulted in a snapped headband and subsequent rage death to the unit)

    I think G933 is as sturdy, perhaps slightly more so, and more comfy ear pads (I have a bollard for a head so size was important)

    You just need to pony up for them is all.
  • jeremy2020
    I generally like logitech, but after the g930..not interested in their headsets
  • nycalex
    i got a G933 from blackfriday sales @ $99. Much improvement over my old G930.

    better battery life (finally)
    better wireless range with no drops so far
    much better mic
    overall a great improvement.

    however the stock earpads are unconfortable as hell. i had to drop $50 for beyer dt770 ear cups. now the confy as hell, but i'm down $150.

    only reason i got this is because i needed wireless for my ps4.

    however, compared to my sennheiser hd598 ($99 also black friday) the logitech is like having a wire attached to a paper cup. meaning sound quality wise it is GARBAGE.

    i expect the G533 to be the same. garbage sound quality but it's wireless.
  • Oovar
    The lack of a cable passthrough to use the headset in wired mode should be a dealbreaker for any pc gamer. Unless you have a backup headset when it dies.