Microsoft Ads Makes More People Want Windows

It wasn’t a super cheery day for investors during Microsoft’s recent earnings call as the company reported its first profit drop in 23 years.

On the bright side, Microsoft’s Laptop Hunters ad campaign appears to be working. According to TechFlash, Microsoft’s own research shows a 10 percent increase in preference for Windows PCs since launching the TV spot series.

Microsoft didn’t reveal where or how it came to its 10 percent number, but inquiries have already gone to the Redmond company for more details.

This news came at the same time Apple reported a record quarter, though it was thanks to growth in the iPhone and iPod products. Macs saw a 3 percent drop.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft’s Laptop Hunters TV ads don’t do anything to push the Windows operating system. This is in contrast to Apple’s Mac and PC ads that attempt to highlight various perceptions of the Windows Vista operating system when compared to Mac OS X.

Instead, Microsoft’s latest ad campaign does more service to hardware manufacturers such as HP and Sony, pointing out that PC notebooks are far more affordable than MacBooks.

For one reason or another, that seems to make more people want Windows.

Check out all the Laptop Hunters commercials so far at the links below:

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  • KyleSTL
    ^ Someone obviously did not get a 1600 (or more recently 2400) on their SATs. That is one of the worst analogous statements I've ever seen.
  • The Schnoz
    They should have another commercial where a customer goes into a Apple Store and asks for a laptop with features they can't get on a Mac, like blue-ray, 1920x1080 resolution, a true 16x9 screen, HDMI output, quad core processor, 500GB hard drive, etc., etc. HP has one with all these features, an 18.4" screen and 4GB of RAM for $1,700. Thats $1,000 less than Apples 17" Mac Book Pro. The Apple store clerk will basically have to say that they don't offer any of those options, but heres a laptop with none of that for $2,700.
  • bardia
    chuck_smithLong time mac user, long time windows user, and I have to say, gaming aside, I see no advantages to using a PC over a mac. No reason?

    1) Price
    2) Performance
    3) Features
    4) Customization (undervolting anyone?)
    5) Compatibility

    You see NO reason? *cough*dishonestfanboialert*cough*

    I'm a CISCO certified tech so all my computers are running et an "optimal" state, and I still manage to have windows apps crash on me much more than Mac ones, and I'm talking about major stuff like Office here, apps that are supposed to work well.

    I'm not CISCO, I'm a mere A+/geek/enthusiast. I have YET to manage to get Office to crash on me in Vista, and I use it every day. You must be really talented at configuring it.

    Just for the time that Windows costs me, because of crashes, configuration time, debug time, I chose Mac over windows.

    This doesn't even make sense. If IE or Office crashes, it can be restarted in exactly 3 seconds just like when Safari crashes. Debug? REALLY? Sounds like you're trying pretty hard to make your case.

    I use OS 10.4 and Vista as well, and what you just wrote is EXACTLY what I hate about Mac users. Both OS's are rock solid when configured correctly, and personally, my 10.4 has had applications crash far more frequently than my vista machine. MAIN POINT: on either system we're talking about so few crashes that to even discuss them is trivial.

    If you REALLY have regular crashes on Windows, you may want to reconsider that certification or possible learn to test your hardware better. Windows Vista just works. Period.
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  • Anonymous
    PC buyers are what NetBooks users are to Apple owners.
  • KyleSTL
    ^ Someone obviously did not get a 1600 (or more recently 2400) on their SATs. That is one of the worst analogous statements I've ever seen.
  • Annisman
    Well, it's not hard to convince people to buy a superior product, M$ should have been doing these commercials as soon as MAC got the gaul to launch theirs.