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Windows 10 Mobile Support Coming For More Lumia Phones

The head of Microsoft's Insider Program Gabe Aul updated the official Windows blog with news that the Windows 10 build for phones and small tablets now supports a longer list of devices. Previously, only a handful of select devices were capable of supporting the upcoming OS when the first test build was unleashed back in February. Now new code, aka Partition Stitching, has been added that allows Microsoft to re-size the system partition dynamically.

"The reason for this is that we had to select from the set of phones that had sufficient system partition sizes configured by the manufacturer," Aul said. "This was necessary for us to be able to in-place upgrade the phones."

Aul gave a brief summary of where the team is in regards to developing Windows 10 for mobile devices. He said that partition stitching was added to Windows 10 several weeks ago, and the team spent all last week testing Windows 10 on individual devices internally, such as those used by Microsoft employees. However, he also warned that if any device-specific bug pops up between now and when the build will be unleashed to Windows Insiders, the device will be pulled from the list.

"We still have some work to do to validate individual phones, as well as the builds that we're flighting through our internal rings," he said.

Unfortunately, Aul was unable to provide a date for when a new build will be released. But he reassured Insiders that partition stitching shows promise, and the team likely has another week of engineering to go before they feel confident that Windows 10 will work on all devices provided on the list. He also reassured Windows Insiders in China that China Mobile Operator will be supported in the upcoming release.

Don't see your phone on the preliminary list posted below? That means the team ran into a device-specific bug. Still, there's a good chance they will iron out the problem before the Windows 10 build for phones and small tablets is released to the Insiders.

Windows 10 is slated to arrive this summer, although Insiders are already getting a taste of what is to come. The most recent release for the desktop, Build 10041, includes a number of improvements over the last release, such as the Start Menu, improved virtual desktops, Cortana support on an international scale, a new taskbar fly-out for wireless networking, an enhanced Photos app and more.

When Microsoft released the first test build of Windows 10 for mobile devices back in February, the company made it clear that only a handful of devices could handle the build. A mere six supported Windows 10 because they had enough space to install the platform; other phones had insufficient room for the installation process. Apparently, that will change with the next release of Windows 10 for mobile.

Here's the preliminary list of mobile phones that will support the next build of Windows 10 for mobile:

Lumia 1020Lumia 1320Lumia 1520Lumia 520Lumia 525Lumia 526Lumia 530Lumia 530 Dual SimLumia 535Lumia 620Lumia 625Lumia 630Lumia 630 Dual SimLumia 635Lumia 636Lumia 638Lumia 720Lumia 730Lumia 730 Dual SIMLumia 735Lumia 810Lumia 820Lumia 822Lumia 830Lumia 920Lumia 925Lumia 928Lumia ICONMicrosoft Lumia 430Microsoft Lumia 435Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual SIMMicrosoft Lumia 435 Dual SIM DTVMicrosoft Lumia 532Microsoft Lumia 532 Dual SIMMicrosoft Lumia 640 Dual SIMMicrosoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM

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