Where To Buy Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality HMDs

Microsoft has been chattering about its Windows Mixed Reality HMDs (by various names) for nearly a year, and now you can buy or preorder any of the five that the company publicly acknowledges. (What happened to 3Glasses?)

It’s noteworthy that the forthcoming Asus HMD, about which we know little, is also not on Microsoft’s first wave of devices.

We’ve had a substantial amount of hands-on time with Acer’s version, and we’ve had a chance to handle the MR motion controllers Microsoft has built, too. The company announced the Acer HMD bundle as well as the HP headset back at Microsoft Build this spring, and since then we’ve learned about similar headsets from Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and now Samsung.

For loads of info about what Windows Mixed Reality is and what's up with it, hit up our superpost on the subject.

Here's which headsets are available and where you can get them. Note that the Samsung Odyssey is still available only for preorder, with a promised shipping date of November 6.

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HMDBase Price (HMD only)Bundle Price (incl. Motion controllers)Where To Buy
Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD (AH100)--$400Best BuyMicrosoft.comAmazon
Asus HMD------
Dell Visor$350$450Dell (bundle)Dell (base)Best Buy (bundle)Best Buy (base)
HP Windows Mixed Reality HMD (VR1000-100)--$450Best Buy
Lenovo Explorer--$400Microsoft.com
Samsung Odyssey--$500Microsoft.com
Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD W/Controller
Dell Visor Virtual Reality HMD W/Controllers
HP Windows Mixed Reality HMD W/Controllers
Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality HMD W/Controllers
Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality HMD W/Controllers
  • cryoburner
    I get the impression that this is something you wouldn't want to pre-order, unless perhaps you are a developer, and feel the need to get one right away. The headsets might potentially be great, but with so many coming out at once, you can be pretty sure that some will perform better than others, or offer more value for the money, and there's no way to tell at this point which ones those will be. It would likely be a good idea to wait until they are all released and reviewed, so that you can view a roundup comparing them with one another and with the existing headsets.