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Not For Sale: Modded Krait Version Of MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G

A few months back, MSI started making its Krait-branded motherboards, which look extremely attractive thanks to their black and white design. The motherboards are intended to be used by system builders and modders to assemble the best looking systems, bringing form and function together.

Of course, we've wondered the entire time why nobody at MSI thought to make a graphics card with the same theme, because even at CES 2015 we didn't see one in the assortment. There was a green-themed card to celebrate a milestone in graphics cards, but then there was no green motherboard to accompany that, either.

A French modding team, Math Military Modding, decided to take a GTX 970 Gaming 4G from MSI, disassemble it to the bone, and paint the red shroud white. The end result is pictured, and you have to admit, it looks quite good.

Sadly, you can't actually buy this card, but painting components does seem to be something trending. What are your thoughts on painting components? Do you like it, or does it hurt to see warranties being voided simply for the purpose of a different color component?

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