Netgear Launches Two New Cable Modem Routers

Looking for a way to cut the cable cost without cutting the cable? Why not purchase your own modem/router combo from Netgear? Two new models were released on Wednesday: the N600 Dual-Band WiFi Cable Modem Router (C3700) and the N300 WiFi Cable Modem Router (C3000). Both are available to purchase now.

Basically, Netgear has crammed a Wireless N router together with a high-speed 8x4 CableLabs-certified DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. Not only does this solution save space and reduce the overall monthly cost, it also should be easier to manage a local network, aka one less device to reboot.

According to Netgear, DOCSIS 3.0 is the next generation of Data Over Cable Services Interface Specification (DOCSIS), an international standard that enables cable operators to deliver significantly faster data speeds to the consumer's home. A DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 cable modem offers download speeds up to 340 Mbps.

"Both of the two new cable modems support eight download and four upload channels simultaneously, which is ideal for HD video streaming, fast downloads, and high-speed online gaming," reads the company's press release.

As for the router aspect, the N300 appears to be only single band, providing speeds up to 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. However, the N600 is dual band, but only offers up to 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. While the latter number may seem slow in a Wireless AC world, the 5 GHz band typically provides a less crowded wireless highway, meaning smoother streaming video and so on.

Both routers launched on Wednesday support Netgear's genie software app for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The modems also provide a MyMedia feature for finding and playing media files on the network. There's even easy-to-set-up parental controls, and a USB port for sharing a USB stick or external hard drive. All Ethernet ports support wired gigabit speeds.

Netgear's modems and cable modem routers are CableLabs Certified and compatible with most major U.S. cable Internet providers, such as Cablevision, Charter, Cox, Time Warner Cable, XFINITY/Comcast and others.

The N600 Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router (C3700) is available now and retails for $129.99 USD. The N300 Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router (C3000) is also available now and retails for $99.99 USD.

  • czar1020
    "aka one less device to reboot" I know this was in jest but for no reason should I have to reboot a piece of networking equipment because of slowdowns/lockup etc
  • XGrabMyY
    Eh I'd rather have a DOCSIS 3.0 Surfboard if I was going to buy a modem for use at home. Specifically these though I already have one.If you want a Router/Modem combo (which I find a bit foolish) then
  • JackDiesel
    If I didn't already have a good DOCSIS 3.0 modem I'd be interested in this. A modem/router combo would be nice if you plan on turning off the wireless and placing your better wireless router elsewhere in the house like a more centralized location.
  • CaedenV
    Eh I'd rather have a DOCSIS 3.0 Surfboard if I was going to buy a modem for use at home. Specifically these though I already have one.If you want a Router/Modem combo (which I find a bit foolish) then
    I picked up a SB6141 in white, and it works quite well. Beware that many of the black models are running a much (much) older firmware, which is difficult (if not impossible) to update. Newer black models are just fine, but as there is no revision numbers or packaging differences, there is not way to know what you are getting. White versions were made after the firmware changes, and all are fairly up to date, and should not have any compatibility issues.
  • jojesa
    That is a good way to save money, since many people rent one or even both devices from ISPs. It could pay itself in a year or less. I cannot understand why Netgear decided to go with DOCSIS 2.0 & 2 Ethernet ports when the SURFboard SBG6580 has been around for years with DOCSIS 3.0 & 4 Ethernet ports.
  • Capm
    Netgear is way, way behind the curve on this. Arris already has Dual-Band N routers built into cable modems that support 16 downstreams(upgradeable to 24). Arris also just put out a new (Moto)surfboard modem with an AC router in it. This device should have come out 3 years ago.