MSI Made a Tiny Dragon Hologram and I Want It Now

Somehow, MSI has managed to make some of the cutest, yet immensely cool tech I've seen thus far at Computex 2018. Stashed away in the MSI booth was a little clear cylinder with Lucky, MSI's adorable red dragon, dodging incoming fire with a huge company shield. From there, he was all tuckered out and catching some z's -- all in hologram form.

Although exact pricing and timing have yet to be determined, the MSI Gaming Premium Stack (GPS) is coming to be your new virtual best friend.

GPS is comprised of four parts: the Immerse GH70 headset, a wireless charger for your smartphone, the Lucky Box, the hologram projector and the stand to house it all.

MSI is planning to sell a few different configurations of the GPS. We were able to glean that there will be a $399.99 setup that will net you everything but the gaming headset, but pricing for the whole bundle has yet to be announced. The Immerse GH70 is an older MSI headset that's currently available for $128 on Newegg, so tack that on everything else and you're looking at $528.68.

The Lucky Box works in concert with a version of MSI's proprietary Dragon Center software. In addition to a couple of different Lucky holograms, you can also toggle between tabs and check out system diagnostics like CPU speed and temperature. It's not as cute or compelling or Lucky, but still very cool to see as a hologram. And if you ever get tired of Lucky (if that's even possible), you can swap him out with your own holograms, all you have to do is add your own gifs in the hologram tab.

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MSI's wireless charging dock is about as gamer-centric as you can get. Decked out in gray plastic with red accents, the charger looks like some futuristic runic artifact. MSI hasn't divulged what charging standard it's using for the smartphone, but it was easy to see the two USB 3.0 ports on either side of the setup, which will come in handy for plugging in a wealth of peripherals.

The Impulse GH70 launched last year and is comprised of a stainless steel frame, foam-wrapped leatherette and MSI's Mystic Light RGB lighting. Equipped with 50-millimeter High-res-certified drivers with 7.1 virtual surround, the cans should deliver a premium audio experience whether you're gaming or watching a movie. An in-line control allows wearers to easily toggle to 7.1 or mute the retractable mic if necessary. And, of course, any and all color palette swaps will take place in Dragon Center.

While the charging dock and headset are cool and functional in their own rights, the Lucky Box is the undeniable star of this setup, because of its inherent whimsy. Although you can monitor system diagnostics via hologram, it's just easier to launch Dragon Center on your display. But it could come in handy when your gaming and don't want to pause the action. But let's be honest, the only reason most people are going to want the Lucky Box is the adorable, chubby red little dragon inside.

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