Overclock Your Motherboard With Your Phone

Tired of overclocking your computer, at your computer? No problem. MSI's Afterburner will allow you to overclock and check on your PC's health status when you're away.

Currently available for Android, but coming soon for iOS, Afterburner gives users all voltage and frequency adjustments as well as monitoring tools. But the true selling point is to be able to have access to all these options on a device not tethered or bound to the PC itself. Why? In case you're in the midst of a breakthrough and all of a sudden your benchmarks starts to product artifacts, instead of ALT+Tabbing out and interrupting the run, you can just fire up the mobile Afterburner app and tweak settings to prevent your system from a complete melt down.

Another scenario that might occur is that your system's overclocked heavily and crunching away at something at home while you're at work. You fire up up the mobile app and notice that temperatures are way high. Thankfully, Afterburner is IP-based so you can drop frequencies and voltages to more mild settings to avoid catastrophe.

Whatever the case may be, Afterburner is a cool concept that MSI tells us works not only with their motherboards and graphics cards, but with any other vendor's graphics cards too -- a bonus! Best of all, the mobile app is free, and the system app is free.

  • Ya know, this reminds me of Battle Programmer Shirase when he hacks into the server with this phone. Hissatsu! Double Compile!

  • dgingeri
    I really don't see the point, and I have an Asus Rampage III Formula where I could overclock it from a different system, which I also don't see the point.

    Why use a separate system or a phone? Why not just do it right on the machine?
  • jers
    Hail Alexey (Unwinder) and MSI ^^,!
  • krinkles619
    yeah, uh, been overclocking my Rampage III mobo's for the past year or so with my phone. sorry MSI, but ASUS had you beat long ago
  • adobejesus
    Idk about others but for my gaming computer I don't leave it on when I'm not at home. So I don't really see the point in this at all. However, with that being said, this would be very good for server administrators or someone who has a web server and wants to monitor the PC Health specs while away.
  • RipperjackAU
    This would be an awsomesauce idea... if MSI didn't produce CRAP products in the first place. Had 1 motherboard and 2 video cards with busted caps, in recent years.
  • warmon6
    If memory serves right, gigabyte has also has ablity simalar to this as well and they've had it for while...
  • clonazepam
    I have to shutdown my f@h system b/c my power bill is nearing $200 / month. It's getting harder and harder to justify leaving a system running anymore these days. If I'm away from my computer, how would overclocking benefit me? If it was a work pc doing rendering overnight then that's good, but I still don't see anyone risking important tasks/information with on the fly overclocking. Too much can go wrong and I come home to a blue-screen and 8 hours of rendering lost...
  • bystander
    RipperjackAUThis would be an awsomesauce idea... if MSI didn't produce CRAP products in the first place. Had 1 motherboard and 2 video cards with busted caps, in recent years.
    Did you read the article? The software works with any vendor's products.
  • rubix_1011
    Not sure why it wouldn't be better served to have a user interface front panel to accomplish this. If things go that badly, relying on a phone-to-PC comm link might be disastrous if the PC locks up and fails to receive data. Besides, if you have the need to overclock your PC while at work when it Folds at home...you really need to re-evaluate your priorities in life.