MSI Pro 24X All-in-One Offers Mature, Upgradeable Design

MSI is taking a grown-up approach to the all-in-one with the new Pro 24X. Starting at $599, this all-in-one is bringing elegant, sophisticated design and powerful your way starting in late June or early July.

In the words of the booty bard, Sir Mixalot, "little in the middle, but she packs much back." From the top to about three-fourths of the way down, the PX40's silver aluminum chassis is only 0.25-inches thick. From there, it balloons to 6.7-inches, a necessary evil in order to house all the components. The system sits on a stately aluminum stand that forks out into a V keeping the system stable.

It wouldn't be much of all-in-one without a few ports to help enhance the experience. To that end, the unit has four USB 3.1 ports, a pair of USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, dual LAN ports and jacks for a headset and a power adapter.

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Whether you're editing video, creating spreadsheets, watching a video or yes, even playing a game, the PX40's display is lovely.  In a bit of all-in-one inception, a promo video for the Pro 24X was running on the system. It yielded sharp detail like striations in the hairbrush pattern in a close-up shot of the edges and it was easy to make out the different variations of gray throughout the demo. Unfortunately, the raucous volume of the Computex 2018 show floor prevented me from hearing how loud the Pro 24X's speakers actually got. That will have to wait for the upcoming review.

The Pro 24X can be configured with up to a last-gen Intel Core i5-7200U processor with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU. You can load up the system with a maximum of 32GB of RAM and as an added bonus, the Pro 24X has Intel Optane memory, a small specialized SSD designed to replace hybrid drives. Optane essentially caches copies of software you frequently interact with for faster boot times. For storage, you can have a 2.5-inch 7,200-rpm hard drive or an M.2 SDD drive. And for the DIYers out there, MSI will let you swap out drives, offering a level of upgradability most all-in-ones lack.

Targeting gamers that have matured past the backlighting and other gaming accoutrements, the Pro 24X presents an unflappable cool. Its sleek design has mainstream appeal and can help get the job done when the play break is over.

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Sherri L. Smith
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