MSI Launches Radeon R7 260 1GD5 OC Card

Looking to beef up your current gaming rig with a mid-range video card? MSI has the GPU you seek, the R7 260 1GD5 OC card that's now available to purchase. The card is based on AMD's Radeon R7 260 GPU, and arrives clocked at 1050 MHz. The card also supports up to six displays thanks to DisplayPort, HDMI, DL-DVI-I and DL-DVI-D out ports.

"This offers excellent flexibility for anyone looking for more versatility whether it's extra horsepower for graphics or to allow higher resolutions to be connected to their PC," reads the company's press release. "Furthermore, like the high end R9 290 and R9 290X, the R7 260 1GD5 OC is also equipped with AMD TrueAudio which reduces CPU loads up to 14% compared to rendering sound with the on-board audio chip."

The MSI R7 260 1GD5 OC graphics card stays cool thanks to an extra large 10 cm fan (100 mm), dual heat pipes and an expanded heat sink that doubles the air flow compared to conventional fan products. This fan can be set to run at different speeds for different GPU temperature settings, essentially handing full control of the card's performance over to the gamer.

Thanks to the exclusive Afterburner overclocking utility, MSI R7 260 1GD5 OC owners can also overclock the card by up to 32.4 percent. The card can even reach 1.3 GHz just by using air cooling alone.

"Enthusiasts can also use the Afterburner APP on their Android / iOS handheld devices to monitor and overclock their graphics cards," reads the press release. "Other Afterburner features include 5 configuration settings, Predator audio-video capture, and Kombustor burn-in testing to help enthusiasts optimize their graphics performance."

The new card features 1 GB of GDDR5 video memory at 6.0 GHz on a 128-bit memory interface. The card also has all solid capacitors, propeller blade technology with 20 percent more airflow and a 50 percent larger cooling area. The card also features AMD HD3D technology, supporting stereoscopic 3D gaming support, third party stereoscopic 3D middleware software support, and Blu-ray 3D support.

Pricing and actual availability wasn't given, but expect a price tag of around $200 USD.

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  • fulle
    I could get a R9 270X for $200... and not a budget one either. A nice one, with a fancy shmancy cooler on it. Hopefully "around $200 USB" is actually "$140".
  • HiTechObsessed
    The regular 260x goes for $140, this needs to be less. $200? Good lord that's way too high lol
  • cklaubur
    An MSI R7 260X is available for $160, so I don't see this card (lower performance than the 260X) starting at $200.