Next-Gen MSI Titan Spotted, Features Dual PSU Adapter For Overclocking With SLI (Updated)

The latest MSI Titan will feature a dual-PSU adapter for its SLI configurations, allowing the powerful laptop to exceed the previous generation’s 330-watt limitation.

The Titan is undoubtedly MSI’s most powerful laptop offering, with 17- or 18-inch displays, unlocked CPUs, and desktop-class GPUs with options for SLI configurations. We recently took a first look at one such powerhouse PC, the MSI GT80S Titan, which featured an Intel Core i7-6920HQ and dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards in SLI.

In our testing, we found that even though the GPUs are unlocked, the SLI configuration eats up most of the power. As a result, they can’t be stably overclocked due to the power restrictions of the 330-watt PSU. This left many enthusiasts (and our readers) ripe with anger – how could anyone offer unlocked components in a platform that can’t be overclocked?

MSI appears to have addressed those concerns, because the company revealed a new dual-PSU adapter for its Titan-branded SLI-configured lineup. This allows you to connect two 330-watt power supplies to the device, increasing the previous generation’s power ceiling and enabling users to overclock the CPU and GPUs to their heart’s desire (MSI can now offer a combination of both).

Although the representative we spoke with likened the adapter to a temporary fix (they noted that the original intent was to make the single PSU more powerful but that the engineering wasn’t there yet), it solves one of the biggest issues enthusiast gamers had with the last generation of SLI-configured Titans.

MSI appears to be listening to its customer base, especially as it pertains to the enthusiast-level products and their functionality.

Update, 8/2/16 9:52am CT: A change was made to clarify overclockable components in the MSI Titan.

Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.
  • Gutiari
    YES!!! FOR FINALLY!!!! Ok, some more requests:

    1) Nvidia GTX Titan SLI (Desktop unlocked versions)
    2) Intel Extreme Processors (Desktop unlocked versions)
    3) Water cooling
    4) 3D XPoint OR NVMe
    5) 802.11ad or ah (2018)
    6) WTFast
    7) 64GB DDR4 4000+ (HBM2 in 2018)
    8) Cannonlake (2017) or Cannonlake Extreme (2018)
    9) Displayport v1.4
    10) Thunderbolt 3

    11) Docking Station
    11a) Dual SLI/XFire External Graphics Card Support
    **More likely SLI as the laptop screen will be SLI

    11b) High Performance Laptop cooler pad
    11b1) (3) 120mm 252.85 CFM Fans with Removable Mesh Covers

    11c) Wireless Speakers (Like Sony SRS-X99)
    11d) (2) USB 3.1
    11e) (10) USB 3.0
    11f) (2) Thunderbolt 3
    11g) (1) DVI
    11h) (2) VGA
    11i) (2) Displayport v1.4
    11j) 1000W Platinum Power Supply
    11k) RJ-45

    9) Laptop Screen:
    a) IPS, IPS-S, or VA
    b) 20 inches (2018)
    c) Continue with G-Sync

    d) Displayport 1.4
    d1) 4k at 144Hz (32.4 Gbit/s)


    e) Thunderbolt 3 (2018)
    e1) 4k at 144Hz (40 Gbit/s)

    I know that the above will be difficult to accomplish, but prosumers such as myself are willing to make the expense if you are willing to make the product. The piece of hardware that needs the most improvement is the laptop screen. A 1080p TN screen isn't going to cut it. The docking station will be a monstrosity, but if it offers external graphics cards via a Thunderbolt 3 interface, that would be great. Thunderbolt 3 isn't strong enough to handle the latest GTX 1000 series, but it's a step in the right direction. If you can support the latest GTX 1000 series via a different interface, that would be awesome. For the entire package listed above, I am willing to pay $6,000. Give or take $500. As you know, your market segment (about 10% of the mobile tech market) can afford and desire this technology. I believe I share the opinions and desires of that 10% niche market, and this product will definitely appeal to us.

    I have plenty more ideas for your Titan product line, please contact me if you need more ideas!
  • JakeWearingKhakis
    Lol.... Is that a list for Santa?
  • alexvaldavi
  • Aidana_Obraztsova
    Do we have an ETA when this laptop will come out? I cant wait to have one.
    Btw good list gutiari
  • ClashofClans0580
    The only thing I would add to that list is better accessories that come with the laptop. Better mouse, external keyboard, better backpack
  • William Henrickson
    That list is corny...
  • ledhead11
    I've got one of the older ones. The SLI-253 2QE. After I modded it(added 2 m.2. Samsung 850 500GBs, 32gb 2133mhz g.skills) it pushed the price to just over 4,000.

    I recently got an active dp to DVI-D dual link adapter to connect to a 120hz Asus 1080p monitor. It usually averages 90-110 for most games w/ max settings. Overall the thing is a beast.

    My biggest complaint and the reason I won't recommend ever getting one: MSI promised 2 year support for GPU upgrades, it's been 2 years and NOTHING. Maybe after gamescon things will change but no word . . . .They basically sell you one and then move on to new models. Old models get little or no support. The only glitch free Windows 10 Nvidia drivers are also dated from 2015.
  • zhadum
    OLED 4K/6K HDR monitor please...