Price Guide: AMD, Nvidia Graphics Card Bundles On Newegg (Updated)

Update, 3/6/18, 2:55pm PT: Added new bundles.

To help alleviate the pain of gamers looking to build a new PC, Newegg has been offering GPU bundles lately at excellent price points. Today, the online retailer is back with more bundles.

These bundles consist of GPUs paired with various other components, such as motherboards, processors, keyboards, mice, and other parts. Due to the volume of bundles currently available, we have opted to not analyze them individually, but rather as a whole.

The million dollar question (or thousand dollar question in this case) is do these bundles provide tangible savings? Due to the shortage, the answer is yes, and some of these bundles may save you a few hundred dollars over buying the components separately. It varies from day to day, but at times these bundles may actually be less expensive than buying the GPU by itself. But you ultimately will pay more than you would have several months ago. It may be more economical to wait and purchase a GPU further down the line when the prices drop again, but there’s no telling when that will actually happen.

EVGA is now offering a series of GPU bundles on its own site that include its GPUs and a selection of its motherboards and CLC coolers. Like Newegg’s bundles, EVGA’s bundles are only attractive due to the stark price increase on GPUs. The hardware is still priced above its MSRP, but the effective cost of the graphics cards in the bundles is lower than if you tried to snag one by itself.

Massdrop is also partnering with OEMs to provide GPU deals and combos.

These bundles have a tendency to sell out, so if you plan to buy one, act fast! For more ideas onhow to score a graphics card in this current market, including possibly snagging an external GPU dock.

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