Nvidia Heralds Birth of the 1440p, 300 Hz+ Esports Monitor Category

1440p Esports Monitors
(Image credit: Asus, Nvidia)

Nvidia has announced that it has been working with monitor-making partners on 1440p, 360Hz G-Sync displays. As well as delivering fast response times and refresh rates, the new displays will come with other Nvidia tech as standard, such as the new Esports Vibrance mode and the Reflex Latency Analyzer. Another intriguing advancement, Dual Format, sees the first crop of displays being able to run as 25-inch, 1080p screens thanks to a switchable display mode.

Nvidia asserts that, with graphics cards such as the GeForce RTX 3080 consistently being able to support frame rates greater than 360 fps at 1440p, it is a waste of your hardware resources to ignore the resolution in favor of 1080p.

All the new 27-inch Esports monitors from Nvidia partners are based around Mini LED screen technology. This refers to the backlight tech and gets its name from using many small backlight panels, providing a multitude of local dimming zones (numbered in the thousands). This enhances the screen contrast but doesn't go as far as Micro LED or OLED with their per-pixel lighting.

Nvidia wheeled on Esports performer Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert to check out the new monitors on GeForce-powered PCs. The Esports legend also showcased the quick hotkey access to Nvidia's latency analyzer in-game.

Getting straight into the action, Gilbert immediately noted the added clarity of 1440p, easily supported by the Ampere system he was playing on. "Longer distance fights were a little bit easier," he observed, adding some compliments about the game's smoothness, responsiveness, and color vibrancy.

1440p Esports Monitors

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia asserts that its new Dual Format feature means users can switch these 27-inch 1440p panels to a special "pixel perfect" 25-inch 1080p mode to use old settings should they wish to. This move might be prompted by a modern Esports title that is more demanding and doesn't fast enough at 1440p.

It would be good to see a third party review of the image quality when switching to 25-inch 1080p to gauge the implementation of this feature. It doesn't sound like straight 1:1 pixel mapping, meaning large black borders surrounding a 1920x1080 viewport, as that would occupy far less space than a 25-inch diagonal area on a 27-inch display.

Nvidia's partners in this Esports standards push are AOC, Asus, MSI and ViewSonic – to start with. Monitors in the stable include the AOC Agon Pro AG274QGM, Asus ROG Swift PG27AQN, MSI MEG 271Q, and ViewSonic Elite XG272G-2K. While these are all 27-inch Mini LED monitors with 1440p panels, only the Asus ROG reaches up to 360Hz. The others max out at 300Hz.

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